Nine to Five Open Beta Weekend Starts Tomorrow

Grab this chance.
Grab this chance. Redhill Games

For those looking for a new game to try, here’s some good news. Nine to Five is starting the Open Beta weekend tomorrow, February 11, at 1:00 PM ET. It’s going to run until February 14 and available on Steam. During this period, players from a team of three fight against two others over three rounds.

The title is a shooting game that’s set sometime in a not-so-distant future where corporations rule and being a mercenary is pretty much like a regular job. The game isn’t just about outgunning other teams but outsmarting them as well.

The fact that there are three teams instead of two makes it a different first-person shooter. That’s not all as, during each match, the objectives continue to change. So, it’s not simply about having good reflexes but being able to function as a team.

Each game has three phases where the actions and decisions of players impact every round. Whatever the team does in the first phase, for example, has a consequence on the setup of the next phase. For this 3v3v3, the team that managed to adapt quickly is the one likely to win.

It was back in January 2020 when Red Hill first announced the game. At the time, CEO Matias Myllyrinne gave a sneak peek of what the game could offer. The emphasis then was to offer a shooter game where the way to win was to outsmart opponents. Looking at what the game suggests, it’s rather clear that it could give a unique gameplay experience. Having only three teams instead of 10 ensures a more dynamic match. As explained by Myllyrinne, two teams could initially take down the third one before going against each other.

After the announcement, a Closed Alpha was done in June 2020 and additional closed tests were performed again in September, with the last one in October focused on gunplay. This Open Beta weekend is the game’s first public test.

So what do you think? Is it going to hold a candle to the other games in the same genre? If you’re curious, you can learn more about the Nine to Five here.

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