Euro Truck Simulator 2 Testing Out New Lighting System with Open Beta 1.40

Check out the new features.
Check out the new features. SCS Software

Euro Truck Simulator 2 announced that Open Beta 1.40 is now live. There’s a new visual lighting system ready to be tested with new cities introduced. New as well are two paint jobs for owned trailers.

Before we take a closer look into what 1.40 has to offer, developer SCS Software said in a post that this version is a work in progress. There’s going to be some weeks of additional tweaking until it becomes stable. SCS also warned that this new update may be incompatible with some of the community mods.

New Visual Lighting System

Version 1.40 makes a big change: the new visual lighting system. In essence, what it does is offer full HDR internals allowing better adaptation to changes in daylight along with different weather conditions.

According to SCS, they are currently working on a lot of things like in-game 2D/3D assets as well as textures. While they wanted to offer higher resolution, the decision was to limit things, for now, to let the game perform on mid- and low-range GPUs.

Germany Project

This new update revisits the Germany project too, which a small team is working on. The biggest change was the highways and roads have been completely reskinned and reworked.

As a result, the regions around Dortmund, Köln, Dusseldorf, and Duisburg, looked better and up to date. Players can also expect improvements to intersections and roads. Plus, the southern part of the Bundesautobahn 7 is now available.

New Cities

The developer team is preparing to release the Iberia expansion. That means players can now make their way across Europe. Considering that France serves as the gateway to Portugal and Spain, different French locations will be released as an update to the Vive La France! DLC in the future.

The first to be introduced is Bayonne in southwest France. This is an important location, especially for those who want to go to Spain. The second one is Lacq that gives players a rather scenic drive-through.

Super Stripes Paint

The Super Stripes Paint Jobs Pack is set to be expanded with two new amazing designs. The choices were actually a result of a small social media experiment.

Euro Truck Simulator 2 is a simulator game where players can drive through different locations while picking up and delivering cargo.

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