Nine to Five Leaves Early Access; Update 1.0 Introduces a New Map and More

Nine to Five
Nine to Five Steam

The first-person shooter Nine to Five finally leaves Early Access. Along with the game’s full release is the launch of Update 1.0 which introduces a new map. New weapons will also be available via task events in the future.

New Map

New Map: Huxwell Clinic
New Map: Huxwell Clinic Steam

A luxurious hospital hidden between a thriving evergreen forest and crystal lakes, the Huxwell Clinic blends some of the best features of the Varmstadt Labs and Old New York maps.

The Huxwell clinic has something for everyone. Those who want to get up close and personal will love that this map is filled with halls and enclosures inside the premises. Players who like tactical, long-range combat may like the spacious and vertical outdoor areas as well.

New Weapons

Three new Apex Weapons will be introduced via upcoming task events. The first one is the Raptor - an assault rifle that fires a devastating burst of bullets with minimal recoil. This is a pretty versatile assault rifle as it is potent at any distance. This can be obtained in the Career Development 202 task event that runs from May 30 to June 9.

New Weapon: Raptor Assault Rifle
New Weapon: Raptor Assault Rifle Steam

For those who like to use SMGs, the Helix boasts an extremely high fire rate, minimal recoil, and pinpoint accuracy. It comes with a sufficient magazine size so players do not need to reload often. This SMG will be available once the Career Development 204 event launches from June 27 to July 7.

New Weapon: Helix SMG
New Weapon: Helix SMG Steam

The last weapon of the bunch is the Talon light machine gun. Although this gun has a very strong recoil, its devastating power makes it quite appealing to use nevertheless. This can be obtained in the Career Development 206 event happening from July 25 to August 4.

New Weapon: Talon Light Machine Gun
New Weapon: Talon Light Machine Gun Steam


  • Reduced the download size of the game
  • Added the ability to scroll through players' perspectives while spectating by pressing A/D on the keyboard or RB/LB on a controller
  • Added the ability to report players during a match between stages and on the end results screen
  • Added new Mint Hacking Code rarity
  • Added new Career Development and Weekend Events
  • Added Milodyne corporation
  • Increased the level progression from level 11 to 15
  • Added a repeatable level after reaching level 15
  • Added the Huxwell Clinic map
  • Added two new match flows: "On the Air" and "Risk and Reward

So, what can you say about the game, especially now that it has left Steam Early Access?

Nine to Five Update 1.0 is available on PC and Google Stadia.

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