Night of the Dead Patch Notes: New Equipment, New Abilities, and More

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Jacktostudios, the developer of Night of the Dead, released a new update that works on systems, skills, and bugs. The new dodge ability helps you evade enemies, and it comes in handy when you are up against something fast. Pair the dodge ability with the brand new guard ability using the right mouse button to increase your survivability. Do mind that the guard ability will drain stamina and guard points, so use it wisely.

This update also brings in new equipment, such as the Power Saw, Rocket Launcher, Brass Knuckle, Javelin, and Polearm. More details on combat skills can be found within the game.

Night of the Dead Combat Update #03

Game Balancing

  • Decreased crafting materials of Throwing Axe(1 Iron, 1 Wire, 1 Plastic and 1 Rubber -> 1 Iron, 1 Plastic).
  • Increased crafting production of Throwing Axe (1 -> 2).
  • Increased crafting production of Molotov Cocktail (1 -> 3).
  • Increased crafting production of Throwing Knife (1 -> 5).
  • Decreased Knife damage (30 -> 15).
  • Increased stamina regeneration.
  • Increased jump stamina.
  • Decreased character movement speed.
  • Most equipment will consume stamina.
  • Guns, Power Saw, and Rocket Launcher doesn't consume stamina.
  • The number of Research Material required has been changed.

UI & HUD Updates

  • Inventory Quickslot Interact mark added.
  • Equip mark on Quickslot added.
  • Crosshair Invisible (but can be shown in certain situations).
  • Camera Shake Toggle added to Gameplay settings.


  • Ambient sound added.
  • Effects polished.
  • Default camera changed (If you liked the previous setting, press 'P').
  • Equipping/Unequipping will slow you down a bit.
  • An attack can no longer go through walls.
  • Doors in school and hospital areas can be opened now.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the hospital texture issue.
  • Fixed the issue of zombies respawning on the jail floor.
  • Fixed the issue of character spinning during attack.
  • Fixed the issue of Interact key doing the previous input.

You can read more about the update here.

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