Niantic Offers An Update On The Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Fragment Issue

Some good news for wizards out there.
Some good news for wizards out there. Niantic

When Harry Potter: Wizards Unite released Update 2.13.0, it was supposed to offer the Repeat Image Collection along with the Fragment count standardization. The purpose for this was to enhance the importance of each encounter and reward players for collecting Fragments and returning Foundables. At the same time, it also hoped to give the Registry more consistency.

However, like with any game update, 2.13.0 came with its own set of problems while solving issues. Just as the new update went live, the Fragments when the page frame was Prestiged didn’t carry over. They were instead reset to zero.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite developers had earlier admitted to this issue and confirmed that it was working to resolve it. You can read more about that here.

Going back to the issue at hand, when players updated to 2.13.0, they did indeed have their Fragment counts reset to zero. That’s not all, as those who had this new update on their game also lost additional Fragments before a server fix was released on May 7.

That said, the team has confirmed that they are going to implement a fix that’s going to add these missing Fragments back to the accounts of players. Take note that players who didn’t experience this problem won’t see Fragment updates to their Registry.

Players who Prestiged any Registry Pages, or placed an image between May 7 at 1:19 PM EDT to May 8 at 12:45 AM EDT, are going to have the amount of lost Fragments added back. To know the amount to be added, it’s going to be compared to the number of Fragments found in the Registry on May 6.

If that’s too technical, basically it’s going to work this way. The system is going to see how many Fragments were present on May 6. Then it’s going to see how many were left on May 7. If the latter is lower, the difference is going to be added once the fix is live.

The team at Niantic reminded players that Fragments lost on May 7 are going to take some time to reach a player’s account. In a post, the team went on say that they’ll “begin the process and add Fragments back over the next several days.” Hopefully players should be able to see Fragments added back as early as May 21.

Just in case it appears that the Fragments didn’t get added even after the fix, it could be that the max count has been reached. When this happens, players shouldn’t be able to collect any additional Fragments. Instead it’s going to be converted to Family XP.

This means that there are two options when it comes to collecting Fragments. The first is to place the Foundable’s image and then redeem the Fragments for Family XP. The second is to Prestige the page and then increase the max Fragment count.

So far the comments to this fix has been positive and there’s no question that the team is indeed focused on ensuring a good gameplay experience.

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