Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Community Day Play At Home Edition is Happening This Saturday

Some news as well on the Fragments issue.
Prepare for a good weekend.
Prepare for a good weekend. Niantic

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is all set to launch the May Community Day: Play At Home Edition tomorrow, May 16. The event is going to start at 12:01 AM and end at 11:59 PM local time. This was originally scheduled for last March, but was delayed in order to make adjustments and ensure that it could be enjoyed while staying at home.

Here’s what wizards from around the world can expect for tomorrow’s event:

  • Special Assignments focused on Wizarding Challenges of increasing difficulty.
    • Rewards include:
      • Spellbooks
      • Scrolls
      • High-level Runestones
      • Gold
  • Increased Ingredients for Healing Potions appear on the Map.
  • Healing Potions increase Health by 50%.
  • Spell Energy appears on the map and will give +5 Spell Energy.
  • Wizarding Challenges reward Spell Energy as well as increased Family and Challenge XP.
  • Guaranteed Runestone Reward fragments when using any Runestone in Forest Chamber III and above in Wizarding Challenges.

Issue Related to Update 2.13.0

When Harry Potter: Wizards Unite released Update 2.13.0, there were some issues detected. One of these was related to Fragment Count which you can read more about here.

According to the team working on the issue, they have finally found a way to add back Fragments lost by players. Unfortunately, the team revealed in a blog post that they still “don’t have an exact timeframe for when this fix will be implemented (hopefully within the next week or so), we are comprehensively QA testing this fix to ensure that it doesn’t result in any additional issues.” The team has asked players to be patient as they continue working on this. Once the fix is deemed successful, players are going to be updated and given a timeline of when they can see such changes.

The team went on to say that the planned fix is going to restore the lost Fragments without the need to do any rollback and the “gameplay progress players have made since these bugs have occurred will be unchanged.”

As a token of appreciation for everyone’s patience, a complementary store pack to Diagon Alley is going to be added for all players sometime next week.

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