Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds Celebrates Latest Milestone with Special Events

Celebrate a new milestone!
Celebrate a new milestone! Netmarble

Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds was released worldwide in May this year, and this month, the game is going to hit its 200-day milestone. In celebration, a new game update was launched that introduced several in-game events and new content for everyone to enjoy.

One feature added is Cross Field, which matches two servers for 1:1 competition. When Cross Field is in season, players can compete and even hunt with each other. There are also many rewards available like the new “Spacetime Cube” power up system for those who defeat Cross Field Boss or occupy the buff towers.

Here are some of the events happening during the celebration of this milestone:

  • 200 Day Celebration Check-In Event
    • Players have the chance to get various rewards for checking in including:
      • 200-Day Celebration Catarumpus Hat
      • 200-Day Celebration Rare 4-Star Familiar Selection Capsule
      • 200-Day Celebration Rare 4-Star Equipment Selection Chest
      • 200 Summon Coupons
  • 200 Day Celebration Roulette Event
    • Players can get the “200-Day Celebration Roulette Coupons” by completing different missions including Swift Solutions & Conquests.
    • Spinning the Roulette gives players the opportunity to receive various rewards including a 6-Star Toy Selection Chests and Equipment Summon Coupons.
    • Mileage rewards include a Rare 4-Star Equipment Selection Chest and 20 Familiar Summon Coupons.
  • The Wishing Tree Episode Eve Event
    • Completing Daily Missions reward players with Evermore's First Snow, which can be exchanged for various gifts, including the 4-Star Episode Familiar Dururu and 4-Star Decoration Chests.

A Summon Event

Players can also check out the debut of the 4-Star Ursa Glacier, a Familiar which boasts powerful and nimble attacks like the cold snowstorm. It also has a special ability that allows it to become even more powerful in Cross Fields.

Players get the chance to obtain this familiar through the 4-Star Ursa Glacier Rate Up Summon Event, which runs from November 30 to December 14. Here are the details:

  • Level 1
    • Requirement: Summon x100 (Diamond)
    • Guaranteed Summon:
      • Guaranteed 4-Star Familiar Summon
      • (Increased Rate of 4-Star Ursa Glacier)
      • Limit: Repeatable
  • Level 2
    • Requirement: Summon x200 (Diamond)
    • Guaranteed Summon:
      • Guaranteed 4-Star Ursa Glacier Summon
      • Limit: Repeatable

Learn more about this event here.

Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds is available on PC, Android, and iOS.

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