The Newest Season For The Division 2 Is Here

Keener isn't done yet.
Keener isn't done yet. Ubisoft

Aaron Keener may be dead but that doesn’t mean that his plans are done. The Division 2 has officially launched the latest season for Warlords of New York. Season 2 is dubbed as Keener’s Legacy, and in this one a rouge agent once though dead is leading a pack bent on completing Keener’s plans with the Eclipse virus.

The Rouge Agent is none other than Hornet and, like the previous season, players need to get intel from four other rouge Agents before getting a shot at the head honcho. New targets are going to be available every three weeks though all targets will remain until the Season ends.

New targets available

Hornet is more than determined to pick up where Keener left off and with him are his most loyal followers. The five new targets for the new season are:

  • Target: Termite
    • Name: Lori Baker
    • Launch: June 23
  • Target: Luna
    • Name: Tegan Silver
    • Launch: July 14
  • Target: Huntsman
    • Name: Elija Le
    • Launch: August 4
  • Target: Titan
    • Name: Jason Barnes
    • Launch: August 25
  • Prime Target: Hornet
    • Name: Carter Leroux
    • Launch: Available once all four previous agents are completed.

Leagues and Global Events

Season 2 is also set to bring back two new features. The first is Leagues, which are a series of challenges that unlock rewards based on performance. There’s going to be four leagues, which are:

  • Termite League
    • July 30 – July 13
  • Luna League
    • July 21 – August 3
  • Huntsman League
    • August 11 – August 24
  • Titan League
    • September 1 – September 14

Then there’s also Global Events, which are time-limited events that come with global modifiers and hand out rewards upon completion. Like Leagues, there’s also going to be four Global Events, which are:

  • Hollywood
    • July 7 – July 13
  • Polarity Switch
    • July 28 – August 3
  • Reanimated
    • August 18 – August 24
  • Guardians
    • September 6 – September 14

Other features

So what else is being offered with the new season. For starters there’s a Season 2 Pass which gives additional rewards for each level reached. These include season apparel, apparel keys, crafting materials, textiles, and more. There’s also Season Rewards, which offer a huge supply of rewards that include, among others, two exotics, named items, a brand set, gear set, and a skill variant. Players should also be excited to know about the upcoming Phoenix Down Apparel Event. Starting on July 14 and running until August 3, players can earn or buy keys using Premium Credits in order to get new apparel.

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