The Division 2 Releases Title Update 10 On June 16, Warlords Season 2 On June 23

New raid could arrive this month as well.
New content arriving this month.
New content arriving this month. Ubisoft

After weeks of being on the PTS, The Division 2 finally revealed a release date for its Title Update 10. The big patch is going to be available starting on June 16. That’s not all as Warlords of New York Season 2 is to be launched a week later on June 23. Today, we take a quick look at what’s arriving with these new updates.

Major Improvements and Fixes

For those who have been following, there have been three Phases of the PTS for Title Update 10. This update is free and mainly focuses on game health and balancing. Changes include:

  • Player Power
    • Increased damage for nearly all weapons, including exotics.
    • Gear set improvements.
    • Brand set improvements.
  • Loot Generosity
    • Increased overall loot quality.
    • Improved loot quality scaling with difficulty.
    • Improved quality of crafted items.
    • Improved vendor stocks.
  • Fixes and balancing
    • Major balancing pass.
    • Large amount of bug fixes.

New Season is Here

Season 2 of Warlords of New York is also arriving this month. The new season offers narrative-driven mini campaigns that last for three months. Titled as Keener’s Legacy, in this one Division Agents are tasked with going after a new rogue cell in order to prevent them from continuing the plan left behind by Aaron Keener.

Similar to Season 1, the new season is going to offer players new unique rewards that include two new exotics, a gearset, and skill variant. There are also going to be other in-game activities that continue this season like:

  • Leagues
    • Players are offered a series of challenges with chances to unlock rewards based on the ability to complete challenges.
  • Global Events
    • These are time-limited in-game events where a global modifier is applied to the whole game and players rewarded for completing specific tasks.

With Season 2 almost here, that means there’s only a few days left to finish Season 1. Season 1 is set to end on June 15.

New Raid

June is offering not only Title Update 10 and a new Season, but there’s also a new Raid. Titled Operation Iron Horse, players need to form a team of eight and work together in order to finish challenges. For players who are Level 30 and Level 40, they have the chance to get exclusive rewards. While no actual release date was given, it’s expected that this one could be released in late June.

So what do you think? Are all of these worth the wait? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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