New World: Muskets Nerfed Considerably in Latest PTR Update

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Amazon Game Studios has dropped a new patch in New World’s public test realm (PTR). This update nerfs one of the deadliest long-ranged weapons in the game.

The Musket in New World is considered by many as the strongest long-ranged weapon in the game, especially if players stack a lot of dexterity in their builds.

That said, the latest PTR update implements adjustments that essentially nerfed the Musket’s effectiveness at long distances. For one, the Musket’s damage is reduced by a whopping 60% from the previous 37.5% when fired at max range (125 meters). This is somehow mitigated by the Ballistic Advantage passive, though the damage done by the Musket is still reduced by a weighty 30% at 125 meters (up from 18.75%).

Additionally, the Empowering Shooter’s Stance perk was way too powerful in its previous form. Players back then would get a very potent Empower buff every time they hit a target while Shooter’s Stance is active, giving them a whopping 41% damage boost for a few seconds.

In the latest PTR update for New World, the perk now grants a stackable, less powerful version of the Empower buff for every hit on the target while in Shooter’s Stance, stacking up to four times. Each stack gives a 4% to 15% damage increase depending on the player’s Gear Score, and whether the perk is applied to a weapon or armor piece. As a result of the change, players will no longer feel the damage increase immediately but instead must wait for the perk to ramp up before they get the full damage bonus.

Furthermore, the duration of the Empower buff is increased to six seconds. But now, the buff will be gone as soon as you leave Shooter’s Stance.

Patch Notes

  • Removed the unusable dye slots from Stormbound Kiteshield, Roundshield, and Towershield.
  • Cannon Blast: Increased base damage by 20%.
  • Detonate: Reduced critical damage multiplier from 1.3 > 1.2
  • Reduced Escalating Explosion damage bonus from 30% > 20%.
  • Fixed an issue where the Energizing, Siphoning, and Leeching runeglass taunt gem cooldowns were preventing threat generation and taunts from being triggered if the cooldown was active.
Notable Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where the Hatchet Agonizer had the incorrect strength attribute.
  • Fixed an issue where the Hatchet Culling Burn had the incorrect strength attribute.
Trade Skills
  • Crafting
    • Adjusted the station tier requirement and lowered the Tradeskill requirement for material conversions from 150 to 0 as we no longer have tiers of refining materials.
  • Rewards/Loot
    • Fixed an issue that caused certain items (Desecrated Maul, Dark Pyromancer’s Spellstaff, Abyssal Strike, Frostwall, Heart’s Tendril Trinket, Tundra Warden’s Rifle, Cave Crawler) to not drop as expected from The Depths Mutator. These items should now be more frequent in that Mutator.

So, what can you say about the recent Musket nerf?

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