New World: Housing Just Got More Accessible in October 27 PTR Update

Brimstone Sands Update
Brimstone Sands Update Twitter/playnewworld

One of the things that players can do in the MMORPG New World is buy their very own house. Well, housing in the game has become more accessible due to the changes made in the latest PTR update.

Back then, New World players were given a 50% discount on their first house purchase. Because of this, some people could buy a Tier 4 house if they had enough Territory Standing and 10,000 Gold.

Amazon Game Studios wants more players to have better housing in the game, so they’ve set the first house purchase to a flat 5,000 coins regardless of tier. This means that players don’t have to settle for a lowly Tier 1 residence anymore because Tier 4 housing has now become more affordable than ever.

Even though that is a favorable change, it is understandable that some people cannot buy a Tier 4 house because they don’t have enough Territory Standing. Fortunately, Tier 1 houses now unlock at Level 1 Territory Standing instead of Level 10, so those who can’t wait to build up their status can get their houses immediately.

Here are the other changes in this patch:

Gear and Items
  • Added the Smelting Refining crafting clothing to some Named enemies in Brimstone.
  • Adjusted the rarity for certain schematics from Epic to Legendary to match the craftable item.
  • Adjusted the tooltip for Umbral Shards. The tooltip on Umbral Shards should be easier to understand.
  • Based on player feedback, resolved cloth-crafted dresses not using the correct attribute and gem slot chance. Great catch, explorers!
  • Fixed a typo on Chitin armor pieces.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the icons for some items to display incorrectly.
  • Fixed an issue where the Greatsword Wodao dropped at T4 from the Dynasty Shipyard mutator.
  • Fixed an issue with localization where the Tormentors Finger Curse ring was incorrectly named the Heralds Finger Curse.
  • Fixed an issue with the Crystalline Crusher War Hammer not using its updated appearance.
  • The Bow Fangs of Setcheh has had its Plagued Strikes perk swapped for Plagued Crits.
  • The Life Staff Petra Ataraxia has had its Plagued Strikes perk swapped for Refreshing.
  • A schematic is no longer required to craft the Mother’s Love statuette.
  • Ash Casual Chair now uses Ash Wood Stain instead of Maple Wood Stain in its crafting recipe.
  • Fixed an issue on Grimoire Lectern that caused certain camera angles to muffle its sound.
Reward and Loot
  • Added Fishing Gathering set to the Named enemies in Brimstone.
  • Adjusted rare Trophy component drops to be less frustrating to obtain.
  • Armadillos now drop Game Meat when skinned, while still dropping Armadillo Meat as a rare drop.
  • Epic Weapon Quests now reward one Gypsum Orb per completed quest in each quest line.

So, what can you say about the housing changes implemented in the October 27 PTR Update for New World?

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