New World: Blunderbuss Weapon Swap Bug Squashed in Latest PTR Update

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New World’ s public test realm has been patched recently, and that update brought a ton of bug fixes and gameplay changes.

The latest beta update resolves some issues with weapons in New World. The Blunderbuss, for example, had a few bugs where the effects of “On a Roll” and “Unload” were persisting through weapon swaps.

On a Roll is one of the Blunderbuss’ passive skills that decreases all the damage you take by 3% for 10 seconds which can stack up to five times. On the other hand, Unload is a particularly damaging effect as the next shot will have nine pellets instead of six after triggering an ability.

As you can see, any of the mentioned passives can provide Blunderbuss users with huge benefits, especially in PvP. Well, this has now been patched up so hopefully, they won’t persist longer than they should.

The Greatsword is a powerful two-hand weapon in New World, featured in the newly released Brimstone Sands Update. Amazon Game Studios has updated the tooltips for this weapon to clear the confusion that most people have with it.

The Faultless Defender, one of the skills available to Greatsword users, has its tooltip updated. It now states that Rend only applies to attackers that have successfully hit the player while the effect is active.

You can read the weapon changes and bug fixes below:

  • Fixed an issue where Splitting Grenade Mini Grenades would not always detonate in sync with each other.
  • Fixed an issue that caused incorrect arrow projectile sizes when using the Bow passive Arrow Range. Now all primary arrow shots will have a radius of 0.15 and all changed shots will have a radius of 0.33.
  • Increased the recovery prior to the dodge cancel window after the final shot of Bow’s Rapid Shot. Dodge cancel window was previously too short after the shot allowing players to easily bypass the final shot’s recovery, as well as exit the action prior to the arrow hitting the target.
  • Updated the Greatsword Ultimate Undying Defiance tooltip to include additional clarity on a block hit being required to obtain the healing bonus.
  • Updated the Relentless Power tooltip to better describe functionality.
Great Axe
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Maelstorm ability to absorb friendly and neutral projectiles.
  • Updated Social Distancing to not interrupt player movement during the throw, if the player is moving forwards/sideways, but if they are strafing backwards or standing idle, they will perform the backwards dodge.
    • Adjusted the timing of the attack and cancel windows to fit better with the new functionality while moving. Removed the Stagger from Social Distancing to compensate for the added versatility to ensure the ability remains mainly focused on zoning, and also increased the damage from 100% to 115% weapon damage and increased the slow from 25% to 30%.

You can download the latest PTR update for New World today to test out the new changes. Let us know in the comments section what you think about the new bug fixes and improvements.

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