New World: Latest PTR Update Attempts to Fix the “Random Respawn” Option in OPR

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Are you a fan of the Outpost Rush (OPR) in New World? If so, have you ever been in a situation where you were offered the choice to respawn in a random place, but when you clicked on it, nothing happened? That is an issue this latest PTR patch tries to fix.

The issue in question happens when you die in OPR. Once you’re about to respawn, the game gives you the option to spawn at a “random” location but nothing actually happens when you click on it. What’s worse is that the system deems you as AFK because you were not able to get back into action, which can be quite annoying.

Amazon Game Studios tries to resolve this issue in the most recent PTR update. The patch notes state that this is a “speculative” fix, meaning the issue might still occur in Outpost Rush. If you run into the same problem again, report it to the AGS dev team immediately.

In addition, the latest PTR patch resolved a number of quest issues. For instance, the longstanding issue with bear spawns in the Bear Co-Habitation quest has finally been addressed. The AGS team removed the bottleneck by increasing the number of bears that spawn in the area.


  • Garden of Genesis
    • Music now plays in the Garden of Genesis.
  • Starstone Barrows
    • Fixed a Collision issue where players were able to bypass the mist wall in Starstone Barrows.
  • Tempest Heart
    • Fixed an issue that causes the Reliquary to disappear when the carrier dies.
  • The Ennead
    • Fixed an issue where enemies within the Terrace of the Creator would have problems moving to players behind obstructions.
  • Housing
    • Housing decorations will no longer appear in the decoration menu before loading is complete
  • General
    • Fix flicker when Always Show Weapons is off. Hide weapon abilities when using a gathering tool.
    • Map Filters now save across sessions.
  • Notable Fixes
    • Fixed an issue that caused an error message in the “purchase transfer” tooltip to not always being correctly localized.
    • Fixed an issue that caused the warning about checking into an Inn to appear incorrectly when leaving town.
    • Fixed an issue where an ability-specific perk displayed the wrong ability icons
    • Fixed an issue that caused the dropdown menu to not properly function when selected
    • Fixed an issue where the conversation window with NPC briefly re-displays after completing a quest
    • When killed by a factionless player in Outpost Rush, the player’s icon will display appropriately on the Death’s Door screen.
    • Corrected which Gauntlet Ring renders for Stormbound Boid Gauntlet

New World's latest PTR update is available on PC.

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