New World: Summer PTR Patch 6 Improves Rewards from Outpost Rush Caches

Summer PTR Patch 2
Summer PTR Patch 2 Twitter/@playnewworld

Outpost Rush, the 20v20 game mode in New World where two teams vie for control over resources and outposts in the area, received some notable improvements in Patch 6 of the Summer PTR.

More specifically, Outpost Rush reward caches have now become so much better in this update for a few reasons. First, they’re now more likely to grant expertise bumps, meaning that most of the equipment acquired from these caches may improve the players’ gear score. Second, they now roll higher rarity loot more often than not. This change might entice people to participate in the said activity. And third, the weapons that players can get from these caches now have weapon perks more frequently.

In addition, Patch 6 implemented some adjustments to the Hatchet. Accumulated Power, a weapon perk unique to the Hatchet where players can gain a 30% damage increase for a few seconds, has been nerfed. Now, it only grants a 20% damage buff, though it also triggers off throws to compensate.

Here are the other changes implemented in Patch 6:

  • War
    • Faction Control Points no longer lock prior to a War or Invasion.
    • Fixed an issue where other players were seen freezing or teleporting during War.
  • Notable Fixes
    • Fixed an issue where a player could get stuck in a jump animation when jumping backward diagonally.
  • Hatchet
    • Relentless Fury: Power reduced from 30% to 15% but also increased the effect duration to 5 seconds
    • Infected Throw: Damage reduced from 165% to 120%.
    • Rending Throw: Damage reduced from 120% to 110%.
Barnacles and Black Powder
  • Fixed a rare issue where Admiral Blackpowder would stutter in place when entering the cannon phase.
  • Fixed an issue causing Priscilla’s Shield to have different perk spreads. The shield now consistently has Constitution, Refreshing Move, Diminishing Shield Bash, and Sturdy.
  • Fixed a bug where players could get stuck in the wrong fishing states.
  • Fixed a bug where the UI could disappear if you joined an instanced activity or used the “unstuck” function while actively equipped with a fishing rod in hand.
  • Fixed an issue where a player’s camp respawn point from a previous play session would show up on the respawn screen even if unavailable.
  • Fixed issue where items were multiple items being dropped simultaneously created multiple individual bags instead of all within the same single bag.
  • The named armor pieces Wanderer’s Pants and Quaint Helm have had their stats re-balanced to be more inline with other Legendary gear.
  • Added additional checks to ensure that the proper instrument has been selected when the play animation starts.
  • Player can no longer get Musical Performance invites while fishing
  • Player can no longer get Musical Performance invites while gathering.

New World Summer PTR Patch 6 is available on PC.

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