New World: Heart of Madness Update Introduces Blunderbuss Weapon and Tempest’s Heart Expedition

Heart of Madness Update
Heart of Madness Update Amazon Game Studios

The Heart of Madness update for New World is now available. This massive patch introduces tons of new content, including the Blunderbuss weapon and the new Tempest’s Heart expedition, among many others.

New Weapon

The Blunderbuss is a short-barreled, long-bored ranged weapon that fires pellets at the enemy. This can be used in mid-range combat, though it excels if you get up close and personal. Two weapon mastery trees let you choose between different playstyles.

The first is the Containment tree, which mainly focuses on abilities that help you close the gap. The Claw Shot, for example, pulls you toward the enemy so that you can deal as much damage as possible.

If you prefer shooting enemies from a distance, the Chaos tree is perfect for you. This particular skill tree unlocks some abilities with explosive AoE damage. For instance, the Splitting Grenade creates three smaller grenades that disperse and explode shortly after they land, dealing 85% weapon damage in a small area.

Aside from that, a new set of quests has been introduced that rewards you with a Legendary Blunderbuss upon completion.

New Expedition

Tempest's Heart Expedition
Tempest's Heart Expedition Amazon Game Studios

The Tempest’s Heart expedition advances the main story questline as you pursue Isabella back to the Shattered Mountain. This is a five-man endgame expedition recommended for people Level 60 and with gear scores between 550 and 570.

That said, you can head to Yseult Meredith at the Mountain Home Outpost in Shattered Mountain to start the final quest.

Patch Highlights

Open World
  • Doubled the storage bonus for all tiers of Storage Chests. Chests that used to provide 200 weight of bonus storage now provide 400 weight, etc.
  • Durability loss has been updated. Now only your equipped items will take durability loss when you die
  • Player to Player collision
    • Player to Player collision removed from Open World, Expeditions, and Invasion
  • Fast travel is now more responsive when traveling short distances
  • New soloable quest options are available for the MSQ (Main Story Quests) to allow players to progress without running certain expeditions
  • Starting beaches were updated and weapon racks were added to give players more choices on their preferred combat direction
  • Removed the level threshold requirements from Main Story Quests
  • Infinite Ammo: T1 Flint ammo is being replaced by an infinite resource. Players can now fire ranged weapons (Musket, Bow, and Blunderbuss) without equipping ammo
  • If no ammo is equipped, an ammo counter will not be displayed on the reticle and the weapon will still be allowed to fire
  • If players have higher tier ammo equipped in a game mode that provides infinite ammo (such as Outpost Rush) an infinity icon will appear on the reticle instead to distinguish it from having no ammo equipped

The full patch notes for Heart of Madness are available on New World’s official website.

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