New World: Brimstone Sands Update Now Live; Features New Zone and Greatsword Weapon

Brimstone Sands Update
Brimstone Sands Update Twitter/playnewworld

The latest major content patch for New World is now live. The Brimstone Sands Update introduces the titular new zone that players can visit, which offers new territories to control, enemies to fight, and stories to uncover.

There’s also the new Ennead Expedition where five players delve into some Ancient Ruins to solve hieroglyphic puzzles. Players brave enough to complete this expedition will get new items, including the Priestess Charm, Soulbinding Band, and Guardian’s Gauntlets.

New World’s latest update also features a new weapon called the Greatsword. Players who wield this will have the option to use a more offensive stance that allows them to quickly dispatch enemies before they come close, or adopt a defensive approach while still dealing considerable amounts of damage against multiple foes.

To help fight the new threats, the Brimstone Sands Update introduces Heartgem Abilities as well. These come in the form of equippable runes that give players useful abilities like crowd control, damage over time effects, and increased defense, among others. The first one can be acquired by completing the “Secrets of the Heartgem'' quest and the others can be crafted using specific items, such as Runestones, Gypsum Orbs, and Corrupted Lodestone.

Here are the other major stuff included in this patch:


  • Increased the vertical Logging animation speed to be closer to the horizontal Logging animation speed.
  • Reduced Hearty Buff from 50% to 25% increase in health (per player feedback).
  • Traitor's Hold rope rail now has consistent collision.


Adjusted XP curves for multiple gameplay aspects:
  • Character Leveling: Greatly reduced character XP required after level 20.
    • 140% reduction through Level 45, then 160% reduction through Level 60.
  • Town Projects: XP rewards have been reduced by 75%.
  • Faction Missions: XP rewards have been increased by 125%
  • Lore Notes: XP rewards have been increased by 200%.
  • Gathering: XP rewards have been increased by 200%.
  • POI Discoveries: XP rewards have been increased by 200%.
  • Gathering Trade Skills: XP rewards have been increased by 125%.
  • Corruption Portals: XP rewards have been increased by 150%.


  • Bears
    • Removed Stagger reaction from all Swipe attacks.
    • Reduced damage of Slam by 20% and Swipe attacks by 50%.
    • Removed all bleeds.
  • Withered
    • Removed Invulnerability from all dodges.
    • Removed Grit from Lunge, Spew, and Rampage attacks.
    • Removed Stagger reaction from Lunge and Spew attacks.
  • Lost Navigator
    • Removed Grit and Stagger reaction from combo swipes.
    • Removed invulnerability from backflip.
    • Reduced pushback on melee attacks.
  • Corruption Entities
    • Removed Grit from Overhead Slam, Running Swipes, and Grab-Bite attacks.
    • Removed Stagger reaction from Overhead Slam and Running Swipes.

New World Brimstone Sands Update is now available on PC.

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