New Trailer For Days Gone Highlights Massive, Dangerous World

From different types of freakers, infected animals and even dangerous cults - this game features every kind of danger there is.
  • Playstation 4
  • Action-Adventure
  • Survival
The in-game swarmers, who will easily overwhelm you if you don't play it right.
The in-game swarmers, who will easily overwhelm you if you don't play it right. Bend Studio

The hype train is gaining full steam for Days Gone, and developer Bend Studio has capitalized on that with a new trailer.

The latest trailer for the upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive Days Gone gives us a look at just how dangerous the landscape of the world has become. Zombies – called Freakers in game – roam the nearly deserted towns, while bandits, raiders and cults all vie for control of this desolate dystopia. Even the animals, infected or not, are just another thing to worry about.

Bend Studio’s creative director John Garvin also gives us an idea of what to expect. Days Gone features a weather cycle, which means that sometimes the weather will be cold and unforgiving instead of sunny and bright. There is also a day-and-night cycle, and Garvin notes that there will be more Freakers at night, giving you incentive to do your exploring during the daytime.

Garvin has also revealed that the Freakers in the game’s world are continually mutating and evolving, which means that you will get to see different types of enemies in-game. This is refreshing to hear, since after playing so much World War Z last week I found myself wanting for some cool new zombie designs. Swarmers, which seem to be the generic zombies, congregate and try to kill you by overwhelming you with their sheer numbers; the screamers, which let out ear-piercing screams every time they encounter you, can set you up to be attacked by swarmers; and breakers, which are big, hulking brutes that act as bullet sponges. It’s also possible to encounter infected animals like crows or even bears – it’s safe to say bear mace won’t cut it this time.

An in-game cult, named Rest In Peace, worship the Freakers and act like them, even going so far as to mutilate themselves in order to look like them. It adds a nice dynamic to the danger that constantly surrounds you a-la Walking Dead, which also features humans with sinister motivations as just another thing to deal with in the apocalypse.

Days Gone is scheduled for release on the PlayStation 4 on April 26.

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