Days Gone’s File Size And Day One Patch Has Been Revealed

  • Playstation 4
  • Action-Adventure
  • Survival
A new PS4 exclusive comes to town.
A new PS4 exclusive comes to town. Bend Studio

In just a few short weeks, another PS4 exclusive will hit the PlayStation Store. Bend Studio’s Days Gone is years in the making, going back to its reveal back in E3 2016. The game flew a bit under the radar during the next year or so, possibly because of other exclusives like God of War and Spider-Man taking the limelight. Finally, this open-world zombie shooter is about to be released, so fans of the genre will be able to enjoy it.

A recent posting from German publication PlayFront should now help you prepare your hard drive, if you’re planning on getting the game. According to their press kit courtesy of Sony, the digital version of Days Gone comes in at a whopping 67 gigabytes. The retail version will most likely have a similar size, so expect it at around 70 gigabytes.

The publication also reports that there will be a day one patch for the game, which is good news, as some glitches, bugs or just general fixes are always appreciated, especially this early in the game’s life cycle. Days Gone will automatically update to 1.02, and this reportedly fixes some bugs for the game’s huge open-world sprawl. However, the report does not state the size of the patch, and because the game is still some time away, there may be some time for a new patch before the game is even released.

There is also news that states that the review embargo will lift on April 25, the day before the game’s official release.

Days Gone focuses on open-world survival gameplay impacted by a zombie apocalypse. It is scheduled to be released this April 26 as an exclusive to the PS4.

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