New SMG Weapon Could Drop In Apex Legends According To Data Miners

Apex Legends New Weapon
Apex Legends New Weapon Twitter

According to a data mine from a Twitter user going by the name @That1MiningGuy, Apex Legends could soon be introducing a new SMG to the game. Currently, the game has three SMGs - the Alternator, Prowler, and R-99. However, the data mine suggests that Respawn is testing kick patterns for a new SMG.

Most weapons in Apex Legends are brought from the Titanfall Universe. If we go by that speculation, the new SMG could be either the CAR or the VOLT. Talking about the weapons that we have seen in the Titanfall games, the CAR is a fully automatic SMG with good accuracy and the VOLT SMG uses energy ammo. In the Titanfall games, the VOLT SMG is known to light up blue when firing the weapon, leaving a trace for players to track the firing location. Both these SMGs have their strengths and weaknesses and their addition to Apex Legends should be widely welcomed by the community. Currently, the game has a sniper rifle, machine gun and an assault rifle that uses energy ammo.

Respawn consistently tests weapon kick and recoil patterns to maintain game health, however, looking at how Apex Legends has regularly added new content to the game, it is possible that a new weapon could soon be making its way to the Battle Royale. In Season 3, the developers added the Charge rifle to the game, which is an anti-titan weapon in both the Titanfall games. The weapon turned out to be too powerful and had to undergo an immediate nerf.

However, there aren’t many complaints going around about powerful SMGs in the game. Although the R-99 was considered powerful once, it has been balanced over the course of the three seasons. As of now, SMGs are sitting in a great place and it wouldn’t surprise us if a new SMG drops in with Season 4.

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