Apex Legends Finally Adds Duos Mode

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The long-requested Duos mode finally makes its way to Respawn's popular battle royale shooter. The developer officially announced the news in the form of a short trailer on its official Twitter account. The trailer featured the new Legend Crypto and Mirage as a team on the new Meltdown map. However, there is a catch to this Duos mode: the mode is part of a limited-time event. Respawn revealed that tomorrow, November 5 is the start date of the event, but hasn't stated when the event might end.

Presumably, the developers are looking to test the waters and analyze how the team mode works out in their game.
Back in August, Respawn introduced a limited-time solo mode event, which ran for two weeks before coming to a close. Going by that event, the Duos mode may run for a similar time length. The developer has been consistently pushing unique events to the game that have been well received among players.

In the current version of Apex Legends, players can form squads of three, with a focus on combining abilities to gain an upper hand in the competition. For many players, this odd number might get quite boring after countless games. The introduction of these bonus limited modes seems to keep the game fresh and players excited. Going by the community feedback, the solo-mode happened to be a successful event, with players still requesting its return.

The Duos mode will make its way to the game after the ongoing Halloween Fight or Fright event. The unique Halloween event is set on the Kings Canyon map at nighttime. In the Fight or Fright event, 35 Legends drop from their airships to start the battle, and when a Legend falls, that player joins the Shadow squad to help take down the remaining living Legends.

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