Duos Mode And Firing Range Now In Apex Legends With Latest Update

Practice your skills at the firing range.
Practice your skills at the firing range. Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends has released Patch 3.1 which officially brings the Duos Mode to the game. However, this mode is only available from November 5 until November 19. You can read more about the Duos Mode here.

One addition that came with the patch is the Firing Range. From the lobby, players can now select the firing range. Here players can practice with all the weapons, items, and Legends. Here are the features of the new Firing Range:

  • Players can enter the firing range solo or with a squad.
  • Players can change to any Legend and use their abilities and ultimates.
  • All loot items are available to play with, including weapons, attachments, and hopups.
  • Target dummies available to practice those headshots.

For weapons, changes have been made to the projectile collision. In particular, the projectile width on some weapons has been increased so that hopefully makes it easier to score a hit. This change was made back during the TripleTake event in Season 2 and for this update, the changes made include:

  • Shotguns: All shotguns will have projectiles with a small amount of width.
  • L-STAR
  • Snipers: The Longbow DMR, Kraber, and G7 Scout.

Ranked Mode

In Ranked Mode, players no longer receive a penalty for abandoning a match if they leave after two and a half minutes have passed since their Banner was picked up after dying. Players are going to be warned through their menues if their leaving may trigger abandon penalties. If the warning does not show up, it means players are free to leave.

Quality of Life

A number of quality of life change are also coming. For example, in order to give players easier challenges more often and offer a balanced set of challenges each day, the Daily Challenge distribution has been adjusted so that players are guaranteed to have one easy, one medium, and one hard challenge.

In addition, players can now spend Legend Tokens to reroll Daily Challenges. The cost resets each day and increases with each purchase, but caps out at 1,000 Legend Tokens. In particular:

  • First reroll: 200 Legend Tokens
  • Second reroll: 500 Legend Tokens
  • Third or more reroll: 1000 Legend Tokens for each reroll.

You can view the list of change with update 3.1 here.

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