New Aquatic Combatants Introduced in Super Animal Royale Sea Legs Update

Sea Legs Update Pixile Studios

Pixile Studios recently launched the biggest content patch for Super Animal Royale to date. The Sea Legs update has plenty of things to offer, such as a new location and new gadgets that players can use to their advantage.

New Location

The main highlight of the Sea Legs update is the Super Sea Land, considered the largest and most ambitious location in-game. It is a huge marine life theme park containing notable points of interest, including the Super Animal Bay Aquarium, Sea Land Nautitorium, and Sea Legs Restaurant - all connected by zip lines.

New Throwable

Speaking of zip-lines, players can use a new throwable item called the Zip-and-Go. This throwable creates a zip-line that they can use to get over obstacles like water and small objects. The only downside to using the zip line is that they can't shoot when going from one point to another. To circumvent this, they can equip Ninja Booties to give them a 15% boost when traveling through the zip-line.

New Weapon

Also in this update, players can get their hands on the new Superite Laser - a light machine gun that boasts incredibly fast firing speeds at the cost of high recoil and low damage per shot. It uses special superite cartridges that can be acquired by breaking superite cases scattered all over the map.

New Super Animals

A content update for Super Animal Royale will not be complete without new Super Animals. The Sea Legs update introduced the island's first aquatic combatants, namely the Super Fish and Super Dolphins. The Super Fish can be unlocked at the Research Lab starting level 10 and it has six total breeds:

  • Super Fish
  • Super Goldfish
  • Super Perch
  • Super Black Goldfish
  • Super Catfish
  • Super Cat Fish
Super Dolphins Pixile Studios

Super Dolphins, on the other hand, are available at the Research Lab beginning level 50. Players can unlock five different breeds:

  • Super Dolphin
  • Super Blue Dolphin
  • Super Pink Dolphin
  • Super Common Dolphin
  • Super Lilac Dolphin

To unlock these breeds, players must collect the appropriate animal DNA by playing matches. If they are at the appropriate level and have acquired enough animal DNA, they can head to the Research Lab to start unlocking the new Super Animals mentioned above.

Patch Notes

New Content

  • The Sea Legs Pass celebrates upright marine life with a wide range of Super Sea Land inspired items and the coveted Sip emote and Mini Otter pet.
  • The Season 8 Starter Pack is now available, featuring the Super Cartoon Fennec Fox.

Map Updates

  • There are several new permanent zip-lines around the map to discover beyond those found at Super Sea Land! They create new shortcuts over bodies of water, including a particularly long line east of Superite Mountain.
  • The beaches, rivers, dam, swamp, and Welcome Center fountain all have new animated water effects.
  • The forest and beach area above Pixile Port has been expanded.
  • The top left corner of SAW Security HQ's barracks has a new opening.
  • New paths have been added throughout the island's grassy forests to better link parts of the environment and guide players through them.
  • A pillar has been removed from bungalow houses to link paths up to their entrances properly.

Super Animal Royale Sea Legs update is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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