Neverwinter to Finish Off Menzoberranzan Arc with Demonweb Pits

Neverwinter Demonweb Pits
It's time to defend the city. Gearbox Publishing

A new module is coming to Neverwinter to bring the Menzoberranzan story arc to a close. Demonweb Pits is the 26th game module, launching this July 18.

This time around, the adventurers have to save Menzoberranzan against Lolth, the spider-goddess of the drow. There's a new adventure zone known as Narbondellyn, where players explore the grounds of House Fey-Branche. They can also look forward to the Demonweb Pits dungeon and see if they can survive an epic battle versus Lolth.

The Path is Opened

The story for this upcoming module follows the events of Menzoberranzan. The Archmage of Menzoberranzan Gromph Baenre finally recovered Zhaun'ol'leal, his lost demon summoning tome.

Going over the ancient texts within the Sorcere, the Archmage was looking for a way to access the Demonweb Pits, which is Lolth's domain within the Abyss. However, the spell to materialized and fractured under its own weight, resulting in the Material Plane and Demonweb Pits to be connected, letting demons, including Lolth, to step into the Underdark and bring a wave of abyssal magic to flood into the Narbondellyn district.

To prevent Menzoberranzan from being ruined, players have to join forces with Noori, a brilliant Sorcere mage and cousin to the Archmage. They'll need to seal the rift and ensure that Lolth is returned to the Abyss.

Answer the Call

For this new module, heroes brave enough to answer the call for aid by Bregan D'aerthe will discover new game content, including the Narbondellyn Adventure Zone. This is where they can explore the grounds of House Fey-Branche and help this powerful house of Menzoberranzan in constructing the Realm Engine to drive back Lolth.

Go on a Hunt

Across the neighborhoods in Menzoberranzan, players can take on different challenging hunts where they go against horrifying monstrosities from the Underdark and Demonweb Pits. These new hunts feature modifiers to ensure that each hunt is more challenging and offers greater rewards.

QoL Improvements

In addition to new content, there are also quality-of-life improvements like the new post-leveling experience, which offers new goals for players after reaching level 20. It also comes with new rewards.

Neverwinter was first released in June 2013 on PC. It was then released on Xbox One in March 2015 and PlayStation 4 in July 2016. Players, along with Dungeons & Dragons fans, have long praised this game for bringing the world of Forgotten Realms faithfully to life. In addition to having players explore some of the most beloved campaign settings and regions of Dungeons & Dragons, they've also met a lot of its renowned characters.

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