Join the 10th Anniversary Celebration of Neverwinter

It's time to join the celebration! Gearbox Publishing

A new milestone has been reached by Neverwinter as it celebrates its 10th anniversary. As part of the celebration, there are in-game events that everyone can join, plus updated content and new rewards.

In a statement, Executive Producer Brett Norton shared that the last 10 years have been incredible but it feels like they're just getting started. He added that they want to thank the community of players and are excited to dive even further into the new content.

Here are the in-game events running from June 15 to June 22:

  • Protector's Speech Skirmish Event
    • This beloved skirmish has been revamped and offers a fresh experience.
    • Keep a close watch on an Elminster Simulacrum companion that joins in the fights. It's voiced by Ed Greenwood.
  • Daily Missions
    • The Elminster is asking for help in getting the Protector's Enclave ready for the anniversary celebration.
    • For each day of the event, the Elminster has a new quest ranging from placing decorations to waking up the celebratory spirit of the locals.
  • Escort Missions
    • With Lord Neverember looking for new business opportunities, traders and merchants from across the Sword Coast are now making their way to Neverwinter.
  • Elminster's Messages
    • As part of Elminster Aumar's visit to Protector's Enclave, he is asking for help from adventurers to deliver grim tidings to Harper agents scattered across the Sword Coast.
    • Players have to travel to different zones to accomplish missions.
    • They'll also need to speak to Harpers in the field and complete two random quests based on their level.
  • Anniversary Event Rewards
    • Joining in the event's festivities results in new epic rewards, such as:
      • Elminster Simulacrum Companion (voiced by Ed Greenwood!)
      • Hand of Neverwinter Mount
      • Mini Minotaur Companion
      • Neverember's Throne
      • Entangled Thread Costume Set

You can check out the complete anniversary event details here.

Neverwinter was first released in June 2013 on PC. It was then released for Xbox One in March 2015 and later for PlayStation 4 in July 2016. Players, along with Dungeons & Dragons fans, have long praised this game for how it was able to bring the world of Forgotten Realms faithfully to life. In addition to having players explore some of the most beloved campaign settings and regions of Dungeons & Dragons, they've also met a lot of its renowned characters.

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