Neural Cloud Now Out on Android and iOS

The universe expands.
The universe expands. Sunborn Network Technology

The universe of Girls' Frontline expands further with the release of Neural Cloud on mobile platforms. The game offers a rather thought-provoking storyline that deals with the ethics of artificial intelligence and what happens when the lights go out. It’s now available on Android and iOS.

Neural Cloud is a strategy RPG that features an intuitively designed deck-builder and delivers hyper-charged combat sequences on a tiled battlefield. The gameplay is both clever and fast-paced, which are mixed with futuristic-styled visuals and a soundtrack full of melody and attitude.

In the game, players take on the role of the Professor. After three years of dormancy, the Professor wakes up in 2060 and in the virtual cloud network surrounded by other AI consciousnesses that have been uploaded and scattered following a tragic technological “accident.” The Professor needs to save beings known as Exiles by banding together to escape the virtual purgatory. Along the way, the players learn the truth behind the demise of the Professor and Project Neural Cloud.

Game Features

Key features of the game include:

  • Build Your Team of Dolls
    • Next-gen Dolls from all walks of life await orders.
    • Seek them out and expand the ranks of the Exiles.
    • Train, buff, and customize them.
    • Unleash them in battle to help them break free of the shackles on their consciousness.
  • Strength and Strategy
    • There’s more than one way to win on the tiled battlefield.
    • Move strategically and be sure to have the most powerful Dolls on the frontline.
    • Collect Function Effect cards during battle sequences to buff the team for a true roguelike experience.
  • Build Your Oasis
    • Everyone needs a place to call home and it’s what the Professor has “uploaded” into the cloud network in the form of the Oasis home base.
    • Collect materials to upgrade facilities, construct dormitories, and source materials passively for buffs and perks that can be used in the next battle.

Get Ready for Owl City

The original theme song for Neural Cloud features music from Owl City. Titled “Up to the Cloud,” the main theme is trancy, melodious, and hopeful, and also sets the mood for the story of the game.

The lyrical concept of the main theme follows Owl City as a character in the game. They’ve uploaded themselves as an artificial consciousness to the “neural cloud.” The song thus tells the story of trying to escape the shackles of cyberspace along with the emotional awakening that transpires. The theme focuses on the complex relationship between humans and AI, which plays out eloquently in an inspiring narrative.

What do you think? Ready to be uploaded to the cloud?

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