NES Classic Edition Restock: Best Buy To Get Limited Quantity This Week

nintendo nes classic mini system
The upcoming Nintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic Edition console. Nintendo

With Nintendo announcing that the NES Classic Edition console will be discontinued, Best Buy has taken to Twitter to announce that limited quantity of the mini retro console will be available in-store starting April 24.

The retailer took to Twitter to make the announcement and clarified that the NES Classic Edition console will not be made available online. So if you want to snatch up one of the few remaining Mini NES in the wild, you’ll have to go to a Best Buy.

Here’s Best Buy’s tweet with the announcement.


The NES Classic Edition was sold during the 2016 holiday season and immediately became one of the hottest toys of the year. Nintendo didn’t predict the demand for the retro console would be as high as it was, which led to many shortages and inflated prices on secondary sites like eBay.

Nintendo then announced that the console would be discontinued and that the last NES Classic Editions on the line would be shipped to retailers by the end of April. It would seem that Best Buy has received the few remaining shipments while other retailers like GameStop or Target have yet to announce any plans for the NES Classic Edition.

Days after the discontinuation news, reports of a Super Nintendo Classic Edition console coming in the 2017 holiday season came out, which could explain discontinuing the NES Classic despite its popularity.

To find a Best Buy near you, go to the retailer’s store locator.

Are you looking to purchase a NES Classic Edition? Are you looking to pick up a second one? Let us know in the comments section below.

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