NES Classic Edition Review: Stellar Mix Of Games Makes This The Best Bang For Your Holiday Buck

NES_Classic_2 system controller
The boxing for the NES classic consoles and controller. Nintendo

When Nintendo announced they were re-releasing their classic NES console with 30 of the console’s greatest games pre-installed, a lot of hype and anticipation surrounded it.

Nintendo always has a penchant for encapsulating nostalgia and the Mini NES does exactly that.

The NES Classic Edition’s miniature design and size was a huge plus for me when I first got my hands-on time a few weeks back and I’m still amazed at how light and small the console is. It’s the perfect size to take with you on trips or to a friend’s house, without having to a load of wires or carry a bunch of cartridges with you.

The console is simple and compact having just two wires that hook to a power outlet and to your television. This helps parents easily connect the console for their kids and, again, for travel purposes.

nintendo nes classic mini system
The upcoming Nintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic Edition console. Photo: Nintendo

However, the one knock I have on the design of the NES Classic Edition is the lack of wireless controls. With Nintendo systems having wireless capability since the Gamecube, why didn’t they just include it? The only reason I can think of is to either keep the cost of the console down or to make players relive the “good ol’ days.” Either way, not having a wireless option seems like a missed opportunity.

On the subject of the controllers, the wire length is not too bad. You still need to pull up a seat up to the television to play and there have been a couple of times where I pulled on the controller and the lightweight console almost fell off the TV stand, so keep that in mind.

There is no second controller included with the console, which is a shame considering there are a lot of two-player games included, but Nintendo selling controllers separately is nothing new. The NES Classic Edition does work with a Classic Controller or Classic Controller Pro, which you may have lying around already.

The 30 games included in the Mini NES are a great mix for any gamer. If you’re looking for a game to unwind or to kill time, titles like Pac-Man , Dr. Mario and Galaga are perfect for short bursts of playtime. Any gamer looking for something more substantial can choose from three Mario games and two Legend of Zelda games along with other titles like Kirby , Castlevania and even Mega Man . There is something for everyone, and you’ll be surprised which games you’ll want to play.

nes classic Suspend points games
Suspend Points are a large part of the NES Classic Photo: Nintendo

A big new feature for the console is the implementation of Suspend Points, which allows gamers to stop their progress wherever they are and save it for another time. This is amazing, even during a boss battle I can stop my progress and save before running an errand or do something else. It’s also a great way to prevent any kids from pressing the RESET button and tossing your progress out the window.

All in all, the NES Classic Edition gives gamers tremendous value for its price. For the same price for one new game, this new console provides 30 of the best games of its time and a cool, convenient console for trips and to play with friends.

The games still hold up after 30 years and even if you didn’t grow up with these titles, there is something for gamers young and old. Go buy one for the holidays.

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