Neos VR Update 2021.2.21.1425: New Internal Input Binding system and Internal Input Handling

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Neos VR developer Frooxius released a new update that implements Neos’ new input binding system and reworks its internal input handling. This makes it much easier to add support for new input devices like controllers and gamepads. The developer will add more options for customizing the input bindings after the update is stable, so expect another update with fully customizable bindings.

The developer also optimized the game by fixing CommonTool that registers UI when events are destroyed. The former issue usually increased the amount of load on the CPU and RAM as users kept spawning and when worlds open and close.

Neos VR Update 2021.2.21.1425


  • PriorityIssue summary now uses HTML URL to the issue, rather than the API one
  • TipJar now receives IButton events
  • Reworked PrimaryLocomotionController setting into a more general "Primary Hand" (old setting should auto-convert)
  • Improved moderation tools to automatically notify any banned users on which ban is applied to their account, for how long, and for what reason
  • When your current Patreon priority issue is closed, you will get notified in Neos
  • Tweaked the mentor username badge colors
  • Anchors now fire events from the user who actually got anchored
  • Improved sanitization of user Patreon information in the public API
  • Updated voice icons to use a microphone graphic, instead of a speaker to be more clear
  • Normalized volume of the new audio message notifications
  • Removed old ToolBase and ToolSlot components, removing unnecessary complexity of double tool system (CommonTool being equipped into Tool system and Tooltips being equipped to CommonTool)-- CommonTool is now the top-level component that's directly put on the user, rather than being dynamically equipped
  • Merged Korean locale addition and fixes
  • Merged Japanese locale additions
  • Merged Esperanto and Chinese locale additions
  • Merged Czech locale additions and tweaks
  • Merged French locale additions
  • Merged Russian locale tweak


  • Fixed CommonTool registering user interface edit mode events when destroyed, resulting in potentially significant CPU and memory usage bloat over time, as users are (re)spawned and worlds opened/closed
  • CommonTool undo and laser events are now only registered for the user actually owning the tool
  • Parts of CommonTool are not instantiated and/or initialized for users other than its owner, reducing some resource usage

Bug Fixes :

  • Fixed flat object positioning (used by GrabbableReceiverSurface among other things) still using Trigger colliders for part of the positioning mechanism
  • Fixed Neos sessions crashing when trying to encode enum values that are negative
  • Fixed held tooltips receiving trigger press event on trigger release
  • Fixed HyperlinkOpenDialog working outside of Userspace
  • RaycastOne now validates input values, preventing performing raycasts when fed invalid values (e.g. NaN origin, direction, or distance) and resulting in a huge amount of exceptions
  • Added exception guard to missing struct fields for old instances of MemberEditor to avoid polluting the log with errors.

You can read more about the update here.

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