Neos VR Update 2021.1.21.1068 External Inventory, Shader Assets, and More

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Frooxius, developer of Neos VR, released a new update with a bunch of new features, such as using external links to share your inventory. This system is very convenient for players who want to share inventory with others. You just need to copy the link and paste it within the menu to access the inventory.

The shader data is now uploaded locally to your storage device to improve load times and network usage. This is a major change from the previous use of cloud storage, which could take a while. However, if you are requesting a new type of shader, it could take up to a minute to load within the game.

Neos VR update 2021.1.21.1068


  • Android builds will no longer download original asset and try to compute metadata locally when it's not computed on the cloud, instead of waiting for the cloud computation to finish. This should significantly reduce CPU, memory, and bandwidth usage on mobile.
  • Asset load requests are now done from background threads to reduce potential hitches/frame rate slowdown when loading static assets.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed pathological cases of database queries costing several orders of magnitude more throughput than they should, resulting in severely degraded cloud service.
  • Fixed cloud API responding with 500 (internal server error) instead of 429 (too many requests) in case of heavy load, resulting in client retry logic not being properly triggered and requests failing, rather than just taking longer.
  • Fixed account bans not taking immediate effect if the user is still logged in.
  • Fixed gather jobs with unsupported schemes getting stuck in the background, preventing other gather jobs from starting in the queue.
  • Fixed asset gathering sometimes using incomplete or empty files on failure as the gathered asset-- This fixes certain cases of assets being corrupt (e.g. video files being only partially loaded) or not loading at all (e.g. shaders, meshes, and so on).
  • Added zero file size check when loading assets and their variants, forcing the system to re-gather the asset in case it's corrupted.
  • Added guards to exceptions when loading shader variants, so they're properly logged and null shader is used and the material doesn't get stuck on the pink error material.
  • Fixed being able to create invalid overloads of FireOnChange node with invalid generic arguments, causing the node (and potentially other things) to break (based on the report by @Psychpsyo).
  • Fixed internal record cache ending up with two duplicates of particular record when an item is saved through the inventory-- This fixes item remaining visible in the UI after being deleted (reported by @chemicalcrux, @H3BO3, @Toxic_Cookie, @Hayden, @Shifty | Quality Control Lead, @epicEaston197, and @ProbablePrime).
  • Fixed incorrect check of whether a particular locomotion module can be used or not, resulting in UI (context menu) not graying out locomotion modes that the user is not allowed to use (reported by @GearBell).

You can read more about the update here.

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