Neos VR Update 2021.1.11.642 Adds New Optimizations and Bug Fixes

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Frooxius, developer of Neos VR, released a new update with tons of new changes and major additions. The major additions include the ability to auto-save any screenshots to your inventory, the ability to provide the directory path, but the name will be taken from the screenshot itself. Another cool thing the developer has worked on is the improvement in the game voice quality, including the cases with packet loss.

Aside from several bug fixes, the patch includes an optimization to the fetching of cloud data of user information. It also fixed the undo action for spawning Inventory/Message item wherein multiple items undoing only one item.

Neos VR Update 2021.1.11.642


  • Added type caching for user root components lookups, speeding up frequent lookups of certain components (e.g. for interactions, dynamic bones, and more).
  • Some small optimizations when fetching cloud user info.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed exception in cloud API when running a record search with invalid user or group.
  • Added exception logging for asynchronous stream decode tasks.
  • Added extra logging information for failed gather jobs to help diagnose failed loads (based on reports by @Sykes, @Enverex, @oXoMaStErSoXo, and others).
  • Fixed asset variant processing system getting stuck due to temporary internet disconnect and not resuming once the connection is restored.
  • Fixed user root components potentially returning already destroyed components, resulting in various errors when those are attempted to be used. This should fix null reference exceptions with certain avatars and dynamic bones, causing those to break (reported by @GearBell, @Cataena and @Shifty | Quality Control Lead).
  • NeowGlowCircle is now tolerant to having its drives unassigned, preventing exceptions when parts of the visual are missing.
  • Fixed exceptions when validating generic types when the type is null, causing certain behaviors to break (e.g. custom generic type selection) (reported by @Epsilion).
  • Fixed model import breaking on models that require transform computation on the root node (e.g. animating the scene root, as ported by @chemicalcrux).
  • Fixed LinearMapper still clamping values even when Clamp is unchecked (reported by @Alex from Alaska).
  • Fixed Undo action for spawning Inventory/Message item that contains multiple items undoing only a single item (reported by @Coffee | Programmer).
  • Added exception guard to the online user stats fetching loop to prevent it from breaking (based on the report by @Raith (CytraX).
  • Fixed being able to trigger tooltip equip action when the user is child of the tooltip, causing odd behavior (reported by @Shifty | Quality Control Lead).

You can read more about the update here.

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