Neos VR Update 2020.11.22.1118 Adds Reflection Probes, General Tweaks, And Bug Fixes

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Solirax, the developer of Neos VR, released a new update that makes the game look prettier. With the addition of the reflection probe, the probe now provides real-time reflections to scenes, which makes everything look better and more realistic. The filtering mode has also been changed to Trilinear for the probes to work well.

General tweaks, such as upgraded Steam audio and the addition of languages, have been applied in the latest update as well.

Neos VR Update 2020.11.22.1118 Patch Notes

You can find the patch notes below:

New Features:

  • Added ReflectionProbe (under Rendering), which provides baked or realtime reflections to the scene and significantly improve visual fidelity

-- You can easily create one by going to Create New -> Object -> Reflection Probe, which will make a new probe and bake it immediately

-- You can (re)bake any probe at any time using the "Bake Reflections" button in the inspector

-- Baking will automatically exclude all users, gizmos, debug visuals and child objects of all probes from baked result
-- Baking process generates a new Cubemap asset, which is placed in the world's "Assets" Slot and will be saved with the world. You can use the cubemap asset as any other cubemap, there's nothing that ties it to the specific probe that baked it (other than the probe's position and configuration which is used for the baking process)
-- Asset variant system will automatically compress the baked cubemap. For HDR this will use the BC6H, significantly reducing VRAM usage
-- You can assign arbitrary cubemap to baked probe to create variety of effects or switch between versions (e.g. using AssetMultiplexer)
-- Area of effect of each probe is determined by the BoxSize. The bounding box of reflection probe is equivalent to this size
-- You can preview baked reflection by enabling the "ShowDebugVisuals", this is nonpersistent
-- Note that Realtime reflection probes are very expensive, use them VERY sparingly

  • Added Reflection Probes Wizard (Create New -> Editor) which allows working with all probes in the world

-- You can filter probes by part of hierarchy, tag, and disabled status
-- If you have a culling system, you can use "Teleport me to each probe" option, so you get teleported to the probe as it gets baked (Noclip/Fly is recommended)
-- Using this you can mass bake multiple probes with a single button press
-- You can also show/hide the debug visuals for all the probes


  • Upgraded to Steam Audio beta 19 (from beta 18)
  • Default filtering mode for Cubemaps is now Trillinear (this is crucial for reflection probes to work well)
  • Optimized Selective/Exclude renders to avoid marking same parts of hierarchy as hidden multiple times if there are overlaps
  • Light Sources Wizard is now localizable
  • Merged Japanese locale additions
  • Merged Korean locale additions
  • Merged Polish locale additions
  • Merged Japanese, Esperanto, and Chinese locale additions


  • OnStart event node won't fire anymore if it's already destroyed
  • Fixed moderator badge being 2048x2048 instead of standard 128x128
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