‘Neko Atsume’ Movie Will Bring Game To Life In 2017

Neko Atsume
Can you spot Peaches? Zulai Serrano

If you needed a reason to check on your Neko Atsume garden, other than the last cat update, which took place in October, reports indicate the popular kitty collector game will be made into a live-action film, which will debut in Japan in 2017.

The movie will be called House of Neko Atsume, according to Japanese games site Game Jouhou. It will follow a struggling writer who stumbles upon a group of stray cats in his search for inspiration.

There is no word on whether the movie will feature actual cats from the Neko Atsume game. For some reason we’re imagining a Space Jam type situation, with real-life, human actors and cartoon cats.

Perhaps the movie will feature real cats with the names of the cats featured on the game, such as Snowball, Peaches, Tubbs and Joe DiMeowgio. Anthropomorphic cats with the ability to talk could also be an option, considering many cats in the game take on human-like characteristics.

Game Jouhou claims there is already a director, screenwriter and star signed on for the film. Neko Atsume developer Hit-Point will also be involved with the movie.

There is no word on whether House of Neko Atsume will debut outside of Japan, but there is no double kitty collecting fans the world round will find a way to watch the movie.

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