Need for Speed Unbound Races its Way to PC and Next-Gen Consoles December 2

Do you feel the need for speed?
Do you feel the need for speed? EA

It’s time again to get the adrenaline going with Need for Speed Unbound coming this December 2. It’s going to offer a new and unique visual style, which combines street art elements with the most realistic looking cars in the history of the franchise. Players can look forward to the single-player campaign that offers thrills and consequences through an immersive narrative.

In a statement, Criterion Games Creative Director Kieran Crimmins shared that the game isn’t just about self-expression but also taking risks and disrupting the status quo by simply being you. He added that they were inspired to come up with a truly authentic universe where players get to see themselves represented in the game.

This upcoming title not only challenges the conventions of the racing genre but even ups the ante. It does this by introducing true consequences with impactful risk. There’s also a reward for every race, decision, and side bet made.

Features of the game include:

  • The World is Each Player's Canvas
    • Graffiti comes to life in a new artstyle.
    • Players can ride through the city equipped with a brand-new toolkit of high-energy visuals.
    • There are also sound effects like Burst Nitrous, which rewards players with style-based boost, reflecting how they drive.
  • Run the Streets
    • The more players race, the more heat they build up.
    • Choose to outdrive or outsmart cops using new escape mechanics to take control of the chase to earn big rewards or even bigger consequences for getting busted.
  • Self-Expression and Style
    • Hundreds of cosmetic items, including exclusive licensed gear from some of the world’s pioneering fashion innovators and custom automotive gear companies.
    • This allows players to have endless options to not only kit out their car but also show off their personal style in game.
  • Find Freedom in the Flow
    • Ride to a genre-defying soundtrack of trailblazing artists from the world of hip-hop led by multi-hyphenated artist, entrepreneur, actor and fashion icon A$AP Rocky and his creative agency AWGE.
  • ​Takeover Scene featuring A$AP Rocky
    • A$AP Rocky appears in-game as the leader of the Takeover Scene.
    • This is a new replayable precision driving mode that brings together the community to take over parts of the city and celebrate driving with style over pure speed.

Pre-order for Need for Speed Unbound is available until November 29. Those who pre-order the game get an exclusive pack containing a driving effects pack, decals, license plate, banner artwork, stickers, and $150,000 Bank in their wallet when they first join multiplayer.

Need for Speed Unbound is launching on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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