Naraka: Bladepoint Latest Update Adds the Forbidden Seal; Implements Balancing Changes to Wuchen

Season 3 "Echelon"
Season 3 "Echelon" Twitter/@NARAKATHEGAME

The latest update for Naraka: Bladepoint is here. The Cavalry Season has ended, so those who got ranked in the Herald’s Trial can now claim their rewards following this update. In addition, Season 3 “Echelon” has begun, so you can compete with others right away in a race to the top of the rankings.

This patch also implemented some balancing changes to certain Heroes, including the recently added Wuchen.

New Mechanism

A new mechanism called the Forbidden Seal has been added. Once activated, any hero that is within the Seal’s range is banned from using their ultimates. If you are currently casting your ultimate, it will be interrupted immediately.

The Forbidden Seal’s effect lasts for 90 seconds and has a cooldown of 180 seconds. In most cases, the Seal can be activated up to three times in a match. Furthermore, Forbidden Seals are available in the Herald’s Trial, as well as in quick match and BOT modes.

Wuchen Adjustments

The developers have tweaked Wuchen’s ultimate, Tai Chi Rift. First, the amount of Rage required to use this is reduced by 20%. Besides that, Yin Yang Orbs now cost only 8% Rage instead of 35%. It’s also worth noting that you cannot build Rage by dealing or taking damage anymore, though it still builds up over time.

For Tai Chi Rift: Portal, the amount of Rage required has been reduced by 40%. Traveling through these portals now grants a 15% attack boost as well.

The changes made here are meant to make Wuchen’s ultimate work better in team play, making him a more reliable pick.


Valda Cui
  • The escape animation played while freeing yourself from Valda Cui's Tide Traps can now be canceled by jumping, dodging, or crouching
  • The positions of the Tide Traps she sets on either side of her with [Haze: Teleport] have also been adjusted
  • Tai Chi Rift
    • Yin Yang Orbs can no longer be set while under attack. You no longer gain gold Focus upon manually removing your own Yin Yang Orbs by holding
    • Portals' teleportation area has been increased from a 6-meter radius to a 10-meter radius
  • Tai Chi Rift: Switch
    • Reduced the amount of Rage needed to use [Tai Chi Rift: Switch] by 20%
    • Extended the stagger duration after Wuchen and his enemies are teleported
  • Adjusted the charged vertical strike: Dragon Flurry will be triggered after the second stage of charging
Added a flashing prompt for [Dragon Flurry]
  • Adjusted the range of Pistol’s damage falloff:
    • At a 32 to 40-meter distance, the damage falls to 80% of what it used to be
    • When beyond 40 meters, this drops further to 60%
  • Reduced Pistols' bullet spread
  • Added Pick Up Settings
    • Players can now customize the upper limit of the consumable items in the bag. When the consumable items reach the set upper limit, they can no longer be picked up through the interaction button (but can still be picked up when opening the bag)

The full patch notes can be found on the game’s official Steam page.

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