MX vs. ATV Legends Update 1.21 Now Prevents Players from Blocking Track Sections During Events

Update 1.21
Update 1.21 Twitter/@MXvsATV

Ever encountered racers who deliberately block different sections of the track in MX vs. ATV Legends? Well, this particular problem has been addressed in Update 1.21.

In this patch, an anti-griefing measure is added to prevent those who intend on blocking track sections and sitting idle in events from ruining your experience. More specifically, offenders will have their vehicle collisions disabled so that they cannot block any area of the map. Their vehicles are made transparent as well so that they won’t cause you to stop whenever you come across these problematic individuals.

Speaking of which, a timer is also added in the latest patch for MX vs. ATV Legends to disconnect players from online lobbies if they’ve idled for quite some time. This is a pretty neat feature that ensures those who are willing to actively participate in the race will be given a slot rather than those who just want to waste everyone’s time.

Here are the other notable changes in Update 1.21:

  • Updated vehicle restrictions for 250 and 450 for Career Supercross and National events to better reflect real-world class restrictions.
  • Added a system to check vehicles fix-up any bad or missing parts.
  • Fixed "Coloring Inside the Lines" being awarded when failing to complete an online event.
  • Updated servers and improved resilience against unusual occurrences.
  • Added anti-griefing measure to prevent players from blocking sections of the track by disabling their vehicle collisions and making them transparent.
  • Added "Joining" messages to better communicate what is happening when joining an event.
  • Improved positional information of other players during gameplay.
  • Improved accuracy of player-player impacts and wrecks during gameplay.
  • Adjusted Quickplay joining algorithm to reduce the number of players joining late and becoming spectators
  • Added Client Analytics which can be opted into and out of at any time via the Settings menu.
  • Added the option to file a simple report. The report is intended to help Rainbow to diagnose issues reported in external communication channels. This feature is intended to grow and become more robust issue reporting in the future.
  • Improved start gate animations and fixed bug preventing the animation from playing often.
  • Cleaned up hand placement on riding and stunt animations.
  • Adjusted turning and leaning capabilities when riding on sandy terrain. Turning or leaning while on flat sandy ground is slower and heavier. But when railing a berm, the more aligned the tires are with the berm the easier leaning and steering will be.
  • Fixed missing transparency effect when resetting with a Kawasaki Teryx UTV.

MX vs. ATV Legends Update 1.21 is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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