MX vs. ATV Legends: Patch 1.17 Implements Physics Improvements and Gameplay Fixes

Patch 1.17
Patch 1.17 Twitter/@MXvsATV

Rainbow Studios recently launched Patch 1.17 for MX vs. ATV Legends which brought some improvements to the game’s physics, as well as some much-needed bug fixes.

If you’ve played MX vs. ATV Legends lately, you’ve probably noticed that wrecks could happen quite frequently even though there’s no reason for them to occur. Apparently, these issues were caused by some game physics being out of whack. The good news is that the likelihood of wrecks occurring during take-off or landing is significantly reduced due to improvements in Patch 1.17.

Animations have also been improved in this update. For instance, idle animations like how the rider’s hands and back are positioned have been refined. Perhaps, you’re less likely going to see your rider in awkward positions from now on.

For bug fixes, the issue where laps were not being counted when crossing the finish line has been resolved.


  • Fixed reset logic to prevent the rider being reset behind the finish line (and immediately completing another lap) in some rare conditions
  • Resolved an issue preventing "Gonna Need a Bigger Garage" from being unlocked under common conditions; additional fixes in next patch for players who have already unlocked all vehicles
  • Fixed issue resulting in Best Lap time and icons for Holeshot, Podium, and Hot Lap from being recorded and displayed to the Event Selection menu
  • Fixed issue causing near-wreck penalty states to persist after resetting
  • Added the possibility to wreck when failing to recover from a near-wreck incident
  • Minor performance increase in some 2022 Pro Motocross tracks
  • Fixed water foam particle behind rear tire that was offset to the left of the tire instead of being centered to it.
  • Adjusted lighting and atmospheric effects in Slayground
  • Clamped auto-exposure to prevent it from blowing out when paused during gameplay in Slayground
  • Minor performance improvement on Slayground
  • Improved cornering and leaning animations, especially when past 50 degrees on MX bikes
  • Added foot offset to ensure the feet match the foot-pegs on all MX bikes
  • Prevent Kawasaki KX450F rear tire going through the fender
  • Increased side slip angle limit across all bikes to lower chances of wrecking when landing or sliding sideways
  • Improved sliding behaviors for the Slip Tires across all bike classes
  • Increased traction across all bikes when landing a bit sideways to prevent sliding over berms
  • Increased wheelie angle thresholds on all bike classes to reduce wrecking in when performing wheelies
  • Slightly increased overall grip on ATVs and ATV Tire tuning parts to bring them in line with MX bikes

MX vs. ATV Legends Patch 1.17 is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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