MX vs. ATV Legends Adds New Customization Options for Existing Gear and More in Update 1.18

Update 1.18
Update 1.18 Twitter/@MXvsATV

Update 1.18 for MX vs. ATV Legends adds new color customization options for a number of existing equipment, including the Alpinestars helmets, boots, and gloves, among many others.

Those who like the look of the Alpinestars gear will be happy to know that the Supertech M10 Carbon Meta2 helmet has also been added. It has a mostly white color scheme with some red and blue accents, which look pretty nice.

Update 1.18 brings a host of physics improvements as well. One of the most significant changes is the improved accuracy of tire physics, dramatically enhancing driving behavior when the front wheel is off the ground. This lessens the possibility that the front tire may be damaged in typical driving situations.

Patch Notes

  • Fixed bugs causing additional laps to be counted under some circumstances.
  • Fixed bug causing inputs (particularly reverse) to get stuck at the start of races
  • Fixed bug causing controller settings to appear incorrect then become reset
  • Improved performance and quality of thumbnails
  • Added option to Reset Best Time in Event Selection menus
  • Improved reliability of recording Best Time during Quickplay, Time Trial, and Online races
  • Fixed bug preventing Exhibition badges from being displayed when achieving a podium position, holeshot, or hotlap
  • Fixed various minor collision and placement issues.
  • Adjusted collision volumes of the tunnel structure on Overlook National track.
  • Improved overall server reliability and reliability of connections to the servers
  • Improved handling and recovery from bad connectivity to the server
  • Improved error messaging and notification behaviors
  • Improved matchmaking algorithm finds the server with the highest population and the least time to the next race, it may take slightly longer to find the best server, this will improve in future updates
  • Fixed bugs causing deformation strength to be absent or inconsistent between players
  • Added differentiation to the Custom Reset Markers; other players' markers now appear grey
  • Fixed bug causing Custom Reset Markers to remain when a player left an Online Freeride match
  • Improved transitions between animations
  • Improved rider poses and decreased instances where the rider's legs clip into the bike on MX Bikes
  • Improved transitions between animations
  • Improved rider poses and decreased instances where the rider's legs clip into the bike on MX Bikes
  • Improved suspension behaviors in conjunction with wheel physics model changes to improve the feeling of hooking up in ruts and other similar situations
  • Increased the amount of momentum that can be carried into turns; the increased speed may make it difficult to initiate deep turns
  • Fixed additional issues causing "random" wrecks during whoops and jump take-offs
  • Adjusted Seat Bounce forces to prevent it from pushing the vehicle backwards when used at low speeds on a steep incline.
  • Improved calculations and thresholds for determining a vehicle frame collision wreck; disabled frame collision wrecks on UTVs
  • Added Alpinestars Limited Edition Techstar Acumen jersey and pants
  • Added color customization to SlayCo jersey, pants, and gloves
  • Added color customization to Gaerne SG12

MX vs. ATV Legends Update 1.18 is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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