The Muscles from Brussels is Dropping by Warpath

Meet the new Global Brand Ambassador.
Meet the new Global Brand Ambassador. Twitter/Warpath

Warpath revealed its new Global Brand Ambassador and it's none other than the Muscles from Brussels. Action star Jean Claud Van Damme is joining the game as front-line support under the latest Air Force expansion campaign.

For quite some time, Warpath has seen to it that commanders fight on the ground across Europe. The new expansion opens up a new battlefront, which is the skies. This means commanders can now get their hands on advanced air units and experience air-to-air combat.

So what does all of this have to do with Van Damme? He’s bringing his years of fighting bad guys to make sure that the generals are ready for what lies ahead. You can watch him promote the new update below:

The Air Force update brings more than 40 new air units that players can collect, upgrade, and deploy. With this, the total number of units available in the game now exceeds 200.

One of the air units is the American P-51 Mustang, an adaptable fighter-bomber that can be used for various tactics. There’s also the British Avro Lancaster bomber, which is just waiting for orders to drop what’s inside its huge bomb bays.

It’s not all aerial units since the new update also offers access to a wide range of new strategic options. For example, they can recruit the likes of flying aces Jean Dufort and Doris Morgenstern to help them. These two Commanders provide powerful buffs to planes that they lead into battle.

Other new additions the update brings are:

  • Urban Construction
    • Try out new construction options.
    • There are more editable buildings.
    • Players can now build a military base with a higher degree of freedom than before.
  • ​Horizontal Screen Mode
    • The horizontal or vertical screen is now available.
    • This should allow players to display the game according to their preferences.

Warpath is available on Android and iOS. The game offers players the excitement of commanding a war literally in the palm of their hand. It has an epic storyline with each chapter taking players in different directions. The experience is further boosted by cinematic gameplay.

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