Warpath Now Accepting Pre-Registrations For November 10 Open Beta

Ready for war?
Ready for war? Wonder Games

Ever wonder what it meant to fight in World War II? How about an alternate version of it? You now get a chance to experience just that in Warpath as the game is now accepting pre-registrations for its open beta. The open beta is set to begin on November 10.

In Warpath, players get to command units in order to fight against the Raven faction and free the world from tyranny. While it is indeed set in an alternate universe, the armies that players use are composed of air and land units that can be considered as historically accurate. As a bonus, players that pre-register get the Tiger P tank once the open beta starts.

As mentioned, players need to stop Raven’s plan of total world domination. To do that, they need to unite the forces of Camp Liberty, Martyr’s Watch, and Vanguard Division. In order to get the chance to claim victory, players not only need to develop a strong base, but also choose weapons and vehicles to develop and upgrade. In order to be able to fit as many playstyles as possible, Warpath offers players access to at least 100 units, all of which are historically authentic and can be upgraded to increase their power.

It’s not all vehicle units since players can also choose, among others, armor, artillery, and infantry. Players can even recruit Officers that are sure to help turn the battle in their favor. Like other units, Officers have special abilities that can be unlocked for a huge tactical advantage. In a post, developer Wonder Games said that the campaign map itself has “realistic geography and enables players to take part in recreations of iconic battles such as the Battle of Moscow.”

Wonder Games went on to say that those who like strategy games in particular are going to be happy to find out that Warpath has “a range of controls and options to create an incredible mobile strategy experience.” Players can also work together with others in order to increase their chances of winning the battle and, of course, share the spoils of war.

You can pre-register for Android here and for iOS here.

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