Real-Time Strategy Game Warpath Now Live on Android and iOS

Ready to go to war?
Ready to go to war? Lilith Games

Warpath is now available for both Android and iOS. This real-time strategy game is set in an alternate World War 2 where players are in the middle of a global conflict, in which they command various units on different battlefields. What makes the game even better is that the air and land units are pretty much historically accurate.

To win, players need to go against the Raven faction’s evil forces. It won’t be that easy since everyone starts from a small militia and has to work their way up to create an effective army. To make this possible, players must sharpen their skills and master the game's strategic systems.

The game also offers dynamic combat that features a wide range of realistic units from World War 2. These include infantry units, artillery, and even aircraft. Regardless of what the unit is, they can all be upgraded to deliver strong attacks against enemies.

Despite being a mobile game, the range and depth of the strategic options more than guarantee a unique gaming experience. Players have the option to control their units directly and take part in real-time battles. They can also make use of the units’ automated routing and simply guide their army as it takes out significant objectives.

The game is presented through different chapters with each offering players new challenges to complete. It also helps move the story along especially with the genuine campaigns that spread out on various cities and terrain types.

As the game progresses, the global conflict becomes even larger, and to succeed, players have to establish new alliances using officers, which possess some unique powers. Florence Borden, for example, has Combat First Aid that can increase the recovery speed of infantry. Jean Dufort is a pilot that’s able to scout the surrounding areas and give players that needed additional strategic advantage.

Warpath is developed by Lilith Games, the same studio responsible for games like Art of Conquest, Rise of Kingdoms, and AFK Arena.

Warpath is available for free on Google Play and App Store.

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