MultiVersus New Update Brings Gizmo and Overhaul Hitbox of Every Character

The MultiVersus playerbase has exceeded 20 million players in less than a month after its open beta launch.
The MultiVersus playerbase has exceeded 20 million players in less than a month after its open beta launch. Warner Bros. Games

Multiversus, the free-to-play brawler game, received a major update just now. Season 1.02 Update brings Gizmo to the game, balances existing characters, tweaks Perks and Maps, and adds many more changes.

Players with low-end PCs can now play the game smoothly by using the newly added Fast settings. Team Colors are properly displayed when using Spectator mode, and the hitbox of every single character has been updated. The hitbox or hurtbox will now match their animations more closely. The change is applied to most attacks as well.

You can check out a portion of the patch notes below.

Projectile Systems Update
  • Standardized opposing projectiles to always clank, destroying both projectiles
  • Introduced the Heavy Projectile - Heavy Projectiles break enemy projectiles, can only clank with other Heavy Projectiles, and cannot be reflected
  • Barriers and buffs that “Block Projectiles” more consistently block all projectiles.
  • Projectiles that explode no longer hit fighters that blocked the projectile.
Directional Action Key Mappings for Keyboard
  • Directional Attacks and Specials can now be mapped to specific keyboard keys. For example, Down Attack can be mapped to a key so that you can perform Down Attacks without also Fast Falling.
  • In total, there are 8 new keyboard binds: Up Attack, Right Attack, Down Attack, Left Attack, Up Special, Right Special, Down Special, Left Special.
Miscellaneous Gameplay Updates
  • Adjusted character mesh vertical offsets so that characters’ feet don’t clip into the floor as much. This change also involved adjusting the floor collision for the following maps: Scooby’s Haunted Mansion, Cromulons, Cromulons (1 vs 1), Tree Fort (1 vs 1), and all versions of Sky Arena.
  • Wall, floor, and ceiling bounces no longer restore Dodge Meter energy.
  • Improved input handling when an Attack/Special is executed at the same time as a jump. In the past, it was possible for jumps to interrupt Attacks and Specials, thus leading to “ignored” actions. This change will improve the responsiveness of short hop Attacks and Specials.

As mentioned above, the patch notes bring balancing changes to several characters. Multiple changes to Perks and Maps have been made as well. More detailed information is available on the official site.

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