MultiVersus: Marvin the Martian Has Landed in Patch 2.1

Patch 2.1
Patch 2.1 Player First Games

The cute invader Marvin the Martian has finally landed in MultiVersus via Patch 2.1, now available on all platforms.

Meet the New Character

New Character: Marvin the Martian
New Character: Marvin the Martian Player First Games

Do not be fooled by Marvin's cute looks because his adorable exterior masks his true intentions of invading the entirety of the multiverse for his home planet. He can be unlocked by paying 3,000 gold or 700 Gleamium. Players also have the option to use a character ticket if they have one.

Marvin is an assassin-type character that relies heavily on his trusty blaster. His Acme Bubble Blaster fires a bubble projectile when charged for a couple of seconds that travels slowly in a targeted direction. This projectile does two things. If an ally projectile collides with the bubble, it will be trapped inside until the bubble bursts. On the other hand, if it comes into contact with enemy projectiles, those projectiles will be reflected back to Marvin’s foes.

Marvin will put his “Martian Arts” training to the test by delivering a three-hit combo that starts with a punch and ends with a projectile from his blaster.

His Grounded Up attack called Shoot the Moon is where he aims his blaster upward, charging it for briefly, and shoots a projectile that can launch ground enemies up in the air when hit.

The A-1 Disintegrating Pistol, Marvin’s Grounded Down attack, is where the cute Martian fires a beam from his disintegration pistol that can knock enemies and projectiles back. Players can hold the input to keep the beam active, but Marvin will start to take damage when doing so.

Balancing Changes and Fixes

Patch 2.1 brought some balancing adjustments to certain characters in MultiVersus as well. For instance, Bugs Bunny’s Grounded Side Special has been nerfed. Now, allies that are enraged by the side special will only apply three stacks of weakened to enemies, down from five stacks previously.

Here are the other changes:

  • Betrayal signature perk enraged buff will apply 3x weakened stacks as outlined in the previous patch notes
  • Batman’s hurtboxes while gliding are better aligned with the z-axis
  • Bouncerang signature perk weakened stacks fixed to 3x as outlined in the previous patch notes
  • (Fern Skin): BMO VO lines added to BMO summon.
  • Grounded Side Special
    • Knockback angle adjusted to be more vertical to prevent repeated ground bounce.
  • Aerial Down Attack (No Ball, Online Only)
    • Pushed knockback angle to be more horizontal to help address some infinite looping combos.
  • Aerial/Grounded Neutral Special
    • Set cooldown so that it is a “Static Cooldown” and is no longer affected by cooldown reduction perks/abilities.
    • Increased cooldown to 18 seconds from 14 seconds.
  • Aerial/Grounded Neutral Special
    • Ice breath is now limited by a resource meter.
    • We felt this change was necessary to prevent exceedingly passive infinite-Ice-Breath camping.
    • Note: Ice breath has higher ammo when playing online. The next patch will have offline’s ammo increased to match online.

So, are you going to be playing Marvin the Martian once you’ve updated Multiversus to Patch 2.1?

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