MultiVersus: Season 2 Patch Brings Map Changes and Multi-Path Traffic Acceleration

Season 2
Season 2 Twitter/@MultiVersus

High ping is something that players always hate when playing online games. This is also very true in online competitive fighting games like MultiVersus, where even a split-second can determine who wins and loses.

Player First Games, developer of the popular MultiVersus fighting game, knows this and so the company begins fixing it in the recent update.

In the Season 2 Patch, Multi-Path Traffic Acceleration has been implemented. This is a feature that optimizes the routing of your connection to the game’s data center, which may result in improved ping. It works similarly to third-party services like WTFast and Exitlag, only this requires no other software. Player First Games has put some network traffic optimizations in place that might further reduce lag as well.

Aside from improving network connectivity, the Season 2 Update also brought some map and balancing changes.

The no-roof version of Scooby’s Mansion has the size of its blastbox increased by 10%. Furthermore, the size of the Ringouts is increased slightly because, according to the dev team, they were coming “a bit too fast.”

For character changes, Batman’s Aerial Down Special is nerfed in that it can no longer combo back into itself, thus preventing the move to be chained indefinitely. Additionally, Finn’s Weight is reduced to 49, while the block buff provided by his Armored Buns move is no longer consumed by Light Projectile attacks.

Space Jam Arena
Space Jam Arena Twitter/@multiversus
Patch Notes
  • Space Jam
    • We're now keeping score of baskets made!
    • Scoring a basket now awards points based on the distance thrown. Try for some difficult 3 pointers!
    • Basket scores will now be broadcasted on the BIG screen!
    • Attacking a player holding a basketball item will cause that player to drop the item. Try fighting for control of The Court!
    • The Court's walls can no longer be attacked and will only break on a player wall bounce.
    • Space Jam is still only available in Custom matches or in the Lab.
  • Signature Perk
    • Betrayal perk enrages allies/Arya but they will deal 3x weakened on hit down from 5x.
  • Glide
    • Hurtbox z-axis issue was causing attacks to unintendedly miss Batman, while he glided.
  • Grounded Down Attack
    • Delayed branching into dodge and jump on hit to prevent endless chaining back into itself.
  • Aerial Down Special
    • Removed the ability for this move to combo back into itself in order to prevent endless chaining.
  • Signature Perk
    • Bouncerang Weakened stacks applied reduced to 3 from 5.
Black Adam
  • Grounded Side Attack
    • Much smaller hitboxes for all 3 jabs to better match the visuals.
  • Grounded/Aerial Up Special
    • Liftoff triggers 3 frames earlier
  • Grounded Up Attack
    • Added armor on startup

The full list of changes can be found on the official site.

MultiVersus Season 2 is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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