MultiVersus: Season 2 Patch is Here and Yes, Velma is Nerfed Again

Season 2
Season 2 Twitter/@MultiVersus

MultiVersus Season 2 has begun and with it is an update now available to download on all platforms.

New Battle Pass

The Season 2 Battle Pass features new profile icons, emotes, and skins, including a Baker Street Tom and Jerry skin that can be unlocked at Tier 50. Players who will purchase the premium Battle Pass can get a hold of some amazing skins, such as Astronaut Velma at Tier 1, Tea Time Reindog at Tier 42, and Maestro Bugs Bunny at Tier 50.

Those who are willing to spend some money on Gleamium can purchase awesome skins as well. Just check out this new Samurai skin for Batman:

Samurai Batman Skin
Samurai Batman Skin Player First Games

Other skins purchasable using Gleamium include Evil Morty (1,500G), Fern skin for Finn (2,000G), and Uncle Shagworthy (2,000G).

Upcoming Content

Marvin the Martian
Marvin the Martian Player First Games

Players can expect new content to be added during Season 2. Marvin the Martian will join the MVS roster soon.

Fans of the hit show Game of Thrones are going to be ecstatic to find out that the infamous Iron Throne will also be included in a future update.

The Iron Throne
The Iron Throne Player First Games

Perk and Velma Nerfs

A huge update for MultiVersus will not be complete without a fresh batch of balancing adjustments. First, a couple of perks received some nerfs. The projectile block buff granted by the “School Me Once” perk has been reduced to just one second. In addition, the buff is no longer consumed by light projectile attacks.

“Ice to Beat You” is an offensive perk in MultiVersus where the player’s projectiles deal a stack of ice debuff if they knock enemies back. The ice debuff slows affected fighters by 15% per stack. That said, Ice to Beat You has been nerfed in that the Stacks of Ice are now only applied by Heavy Projectiles.

Aside from perk nerfs, the Season 2 Patch has also adjusted a number of characters. One character that got nerfed significantly in this update is Velma. Her Grounded Side Special, which allows Velma to apply “micro armor” to her allies consistently to prevent them from dying, now has a 12-second cooldown.

According to the developers, this change will make Velma players more mindful when using her Side Special.

Obviously, those who mainly play Velma are not happy with the recent adjustment. A Redditor said that Velma got considerably weaker, while those characters who can outclass her only get some minor nerfs.

So, what can you say about the recent update? Are you excited for what’s to come in Season 2?

MultiVersus is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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