Mud and Blood December 20 Update: New Additions and Bug Fixes

Mud and Blood December 20 Update
Mud and Blood December 20 Update Steam

Mud and Blood received an update that introduced a new campaign battle condition and a tree burning mechanic for forest fires. In addition to that, developers have fixed several in-game issues.

New Campaign Battle Condition: Crucible

The New Campaign Battle Condition: Crucible spawns a group of six Branderburgs against your squad. They are modeled after the player’s squad and fight just as well as them. Mostly, they only have to face a maximum of six enemies on this map.

Forest Fires

Previously, fires spread to everything except trees. To tackle this unusuality, developers added a tree burning mechanic which causes fire to spread to trees and its surroundings, if the fire is big enough. Although it can result in some uncontrollable wildfires, it is beneficial for players as setting a forest on fire can be used as an option to deny the enemy.

Mud and Blood December 20 Update

0.4.1 Patch Notes
  • Fixed a crash induced when a soldier was tossing an empty Faust.
  • Fixed some turret logic that was making the turrets shake or not engage on some occasions.
  • Supply crate won't be capturable by the enemy in the campaign anymore.
  • Increased the healing speed of medics by 5%.
  • All sectors have their proper picture in the briefing panel now.
  • Fixed an occurrence where the river sound in Roer would still play.
  • Fixed an occurrence where the sdkfz222 turret sound would not load correctly.
  • SS, Volks, and some Wehrmacht gunners would not get the specialty.
  • Bofor explosions buffed considerably.
  • Changed the rocket sounds for the P38.
  • Rejiged the timings for the P38 animation to match the sounds better.
  • Dead trees will have a significantly smaller line of sight block area.
  • Officer skill rally in the campaign also cancels panic.
  • Intel can now "interrogate" bleeding Germans to reveal nearby enemies, caches and mines.
  • Added clouds animations for when Dark Clouds BC is active.
  • New BC, Night Raid which makes your team conduct this attack at night. This involves a few new mechanics and a dynamic lighting system.
  • New BC, Moment of truth, kill a squad of 6 heavy Branderburgs in your AO.

You can read more about the patch notes here.

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