MTG Arena Guide: Throne Of Eldraine Lets You Go On An Adventure

Learn more about Adventures.
Learn more about Adventures. Wizards of the Coast

Magic: The Gathering Arena is gearing up to introduce its latest set Throne of Eldraine. This new offering features Arthurian legends and Grimms’ Fairy Tales colliding for high fantasy and incredible adventure. Throne of Eldraine is set to be released September 26 to Arena, with the tabletop version getting an October 4 release.

Throne of Eldraine offers new content and cards. However, a more interesting addition are the new mechanics. In today's guide, we look at one of the new mechanics, which is Adventure.

This being a world of fairy tales and knights, it's not surprising that an adventure is around the corner. For Throne of Eldraine, it is in fact something new. Before we continue, take a look at the card below:

Beanstalk Giant.
Beanstalk Giant. Wizards of the Coast

The card is Beanstalk Giant which is a creature whose power and toughness are equal to the amount of land you control. However, like many cards in Throne of Eldraine, this one comes with its own adventure. Description for the adventures are placed on the lower left corner of the card. It comes with its own name, mana cost, type line (including the new instant and sorcery subtype Adventure), and rules text. For the Beanstalk Giant, his adventure is titled Fertile Footsteps.

The fun part is getting to decide which part you are going to cast. If you cast Beanstalk Giant and against all odds it resolves, it enters the battlefield under your control. The same thing pretty much happens if you decide to cast the spell instead.

If the Adventure resolves, it doesn't go to the graveyard like other spells. Instead the card is exiled. Once this happens, you now have the choice to cast the creature. This can be done in the same turn as when Adventure was cast, or at a later turn.

One thing to remember is that the card follows the characteristic of the creature. In the example, this is the Beanstalk Giant. So if a spell allows you to search the library for a creature card, then it is possible to find Beanstalk Giant. However, if the card allows you to search for a sorcery or instant card, you're not going to find Fertile Footsteps.

Here are some of the other new cards with adventure that are coming to MTG Arena.

Embereth Shieldbreaker.
Embereth Shieldbreaker. Wizards of the Coast
Rosethorn Acolyte.
Rosethorn Acolyte. Wizards of the Coast
Animating Faerie.
Animating Faerie. Wizards of the Coast
Order of Midnight.
Order of Midnight. Wizards of the Coast

There’s no question that this new mechanic is bound to change how the game works. Keep watch as we discuss more of the new mechanics in the next guide.

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