Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Patch e1.7.2 Adds New Battle Game Mode

Patch e1.7.2
Patch e1.7.2 Steam

Patch e1.7.2 for Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord is now available. This update brings the new Battle game mode - a round-based mode where up to 120 players can join in. What separates this from the other game modes is that players will only have one life each, meaning death is not an option for those who want to win.

Two teams will spawn on either side of the map. The main goal of the Battle game mode in Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord is that players must do everything they can to destroy the enemy team. This can mean holding the enemy team’s flags to break their morale or defeating every single one of them to win the round.

Patch e1.7.2 also brings seven new scenes - three of which are available in the Battle game mode. They are:

  • Cypegos Blockade (Battle)
  • Osrac Insurrection (Battle)
  • Skolder Hideout (Battle)
  • Pendaric (Captain)
  • Zendyar (Skirmish)
  • Urikskalaar (Skirmish)
  • Sharis (Skirmish)
New Scene: Cypegos Blockade
New Scene: Cypegos Blockade Steam
New Scene: Skolder's Hideout
New Scene: Skolder's Hideout Steam


  • Azyar Stronghold
    • Moved flag B closer to the attacker siege tower and added some barricades around it
    • Removed the ladder from the former flag B site
    • Added a new gate in front of flags E and F
    • Reduced some gate and barricade hitpoints
    • Moved the battering ram closer to the main gate
  • Horse damage score is now valued at 35% instead of 50%
  • Team damage score is now valued at -150% instead of -200%
  • Increased the variety of armors for all captain mode troops
  • Added 4 new Battania body armors
  • Added 2 new Empire body armors
  • Added 4 new Empire shoulder pieces
  • Added 1 new Aserai body armor
  • Increased aiming time for ranged weapons
  • Increased the missile speed of throwing spears
  • Troops in captain mode will now automatically follow their captain if their captain has left the formation behind or if their movement command is too far away
  • Increased the cost of all archer classes in Team Deathmatch and Siege game modes
  • Decreased short/recurve/composite bow damage
  • Increased longbow accuracy
  • Increased Aserai Skirmisher cost from 120 to 130 in Skirmish game mode
  • Increased Throwing Spear damage
  • Reduced impact of Melee Expert and other similar perks
  • Removed extra armor from Mace Specialist perks
  • Introduced many new weapon perks or variations
  • Buffed or changed many Improved Armor perks and introduced new variants like Padded Armor, Berserker Skin, and more
  • Normalized damages between different maces
  • Reduced the damage of many maces
  • many changes to swords, axes, and two-handed weapons
  • Made armor values of classes of the same type across different factions more comparable to each other

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Patch e1.7.2 is available on PC.

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