Moshi Made Player.One The Most Stylish Geeks At SDCC

If Moshi's Vacanza, Arcus and Costa bags can survive Comic-Con, they can survive anything.

San Diego Comic-Con is five days of chaos, sweat, crowds, airports, cabs and nerdom. Our minds may have been spinning, but our belongings were always organized, safe and at arm's reach because of Moshi’s line of travel luggage -- Costa, Arcus and Vacanza.

We’ve already fallen in love with Moshi’s tech products. The Avanti over-the-ear headphones, the IonSlim 5K portable battery, the Mythro Air bluetooth headphones, and last but not least Moshi’s line of iPhone cases. Because Moshi has never let us down before, we decided to step out of our comfort zone and review Moshi’s other lifestyle offerings: bags.

At first, we thought we may be a little too nerdy to fully appreciate Moshi’s sophisticated and fashion-forward line. But on second thought, we realized the folks over at Moshi are probably swagged out nerds themselves. They think of everything. It’s almost like each pocket on every one of these bags was methodically placed to keep our comic books, handheld consoles and San Diego Comic-Con posters safe. Our Multimedia Editor stood in awe as she carefully inspected the secret, padded pockets hidden away in the Arcus backpack the last Friday before we left the office. In short, we love all three of these bags, but if you need a little more detail before you purchase, here’s a breakdown of what each has to offer.


Moshi created a one-of-a-kind bag with Costa. It’s perfect for business and pleasure, as well as both genders. Finding a bag that’s a mix between a briefcase, purse and messenger bag and fits a 15 inch laptop is nearly impossible for women. I’ve been searching for years. So if you are ready to make the transition from a backpack to a more professional and cute offering, Costa is exactly what you need. It’s not too feminine or too masculine, matching with any outfit you wear. Heels, flats, sneakers, skirt, pants, suit, Spider-Man t-shirt… it does not matter. This bag is so versatile you can take it anywhere -- to the office, to a job interview, to a party, to a convention. Don’t want to carry it like a purse? Clip on the shoulder strap, which is extremely durable aluminum by the way. If you’ve owned a similarly styled bag, you know it’s only a matter of time before the shoulder clip breaks or surrounding material tears. Not with Moshi’s line.


Four small pockets on the inside are a perfect place to separate your cords and store your gadgets. Why is there a fifth, hard-shell outside pocket? Because you don’t want to crush your sunglasses, of course. It’s also easy access for your phone, wallet or keys, and has inner pockets perfect for business cards and a pen. Don’t forget this is a travel bag, too. The trolley slot makes this bag one with your rolling luggage. I tested out the bahama blue colorway, but there’s a granite grey available now. Not in love with either of those two colors? Sandstone and slate black are coming soon.

-Autumn Kelly


The Moshi Arcus Multifunction Backpack is one of the best bags I’ve ever traveled with. You can tell each compartment was thoughtfully designed and every pouch serves a purpose. It’s sleek and compact, yet spacious enough to fit everything you’ll need for a work trip. It’s the perfect size for your personal item on flights and fits right under the seat in front of you. It’s also easy to carry. The padded shoulder straps prevent the bag from digging into your chest, no matter how tightly you decide to wear it.

The best part of this Moshi backpack is the external laptop sleeve; you don’t want the hassle of unpacking your bag just to remove your personal electronics. The top pouch also has a zipper that fits most wallets, headphones and wireless chargers, so you don’t have to dig around your bag to find these items. This made for a smooth check-in process at TSA. Carrying equipment? Slide your tripod down the side and secure it with two buckles. If you’re bringing along your DSLR, you may want to consider these customized inserts for the deep side pocket. Highly recommend this bag if you travel often.

-Zulai Serrano


A soon as I walked down one block with Moshi’s weekender bag, I knew it would become my favorite travel item. Comfort is the difference between Moshi’s bag and others of the same style. The thick, sturdy material gives the bag a solid shape, unlike most duffel or weekender bags. This prevents the bag from bumping into your legs when carrying with the just the handles, and from crashing into your waist when using the shoulder strap. The strap itself has a level of buoyancy that relieves tension and makes the bag feel lighter than it actually is. This alone made me fall in love, but it gets better. The back side has a strap that easily slides over the handle of a rolley suitcase. This eliminates having to constantly shift the bag back in place when it sits on top of your suitcase and checking behind your shoulder to make sure the bag is balanced and intact. If you’re one to show up to the airport late and run to your gate, this is your bag. You also won’t be that asshole who takes up an entire overhead bin. Spin Vacanza vertically and easily slide it in; you’ll become the flight attendant's best friend.

vacanza moshi
It's easy to stay organized with this weekender bag. Photo: Autumn Kelly

The pockets are in places that don’t interact with the main section of the bag. For example, a crush-resistant pouch with a magnetic clip on the outside is perfect for your iPhone, sunglasses, wallet, portable charger and anything you need easy access to while traveling. Since when does a weekender bag have a laptop slot? Moshi thinks of everything. When you place your bag on the ground, the bottom has a hard cushion to protect any fragile items. There are pleasant surprises within the bag itself, such as a wet/dry bag in case you’d like to separate dirty clothes, shoes or whatever you’d like from the rest of your items. I also owe this bag a huge thank you because if I hadn’t brought it, I would have had to leave cherished San Diego Comic-Con goodies behind.

-Autumn Kelly


If the Vacanza, Arcus and Costa bags can survive a Comic-Con, they can survive anything. So what’s the verdict for a bunch of nerds traveling with Moshi luggage? 10/10. And if these three bags aren’t your style, stay tuned for Moshi’s Autumn/Winter collection. The Urbana briefcase and Helios Lite backpack share similar features as the Costa and Arcus, but with a slimmer style and different variety of colors. 



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