Moshi’s Avanti Headphones Review: Sexy Meets Techie, With Bright Acoustics And Chic Design

Avanti is Moshi's first on-ear headphones. Autumn Kelly / iDigitalTimes

If on-ear headphones came with the iPhone 6s, they’d be Moshi's Avanti. Known as a bag and mobile accessory company, Moshi's headphones don’t compromise fashion for audio quality. They’re sexy, they’re comfortable and they sound fantastic.

Avanti is Moshi's first on-ear headphones. Photo: Autumn Kelly / iDigitalTimes

Avanti headphones look tech-forward without the flashy hardware. Choose the caramel beige or burgundy red colorway for the perfect 80s retro-meets-chic design. Cushioned by synthetic leather pillows, my ears felt a little toasty after a six-hour plane ride, but not enough to resist traveling in style (and perfect for a New York winter). An ultralight, leather-gripped stainless steel headband holds the rectangular ear pads in place so well, I sometimes forgot they were there.

Avanti headphones feel almost too light on the head. Photo: Autumn Kelly / iDigitalTimes

Avanti swivels for a reason. Slide the ear pad up and down to adjust the positioning relative to your head size, which is tough to do while wearing the headphones. Then rotate the ear pad from side to side so it covers your entire ear. You may need to shift the headphones back on your head to comfortably sit on top of your ear, since there’s nothing cupping your ear like other premium styles. This takes some getting used to. If it's not placed perfectly, you won’t experience full sound quality. While my ears did feel a little...naked, it was refreshing to be able to hear ambient sound layered underneath my tunes.

Light, durable and comfortable, take Moshi's Avanti headphones with you anywhere. Photo: Autumn Kelly / iDigitalTimes

Avanti headphones are naturally noise-cancelling by design. The ear pillow (instead of the ear muff style) is significantly more comfortable resting on the sides of your head, especially if you wear glasses. I usually get a headache from the pressure on the top of my ears, but not with these.

The only feature that could make these headphones considerably better is Bluetooth, though I do appreciate the full four-foot cord. It’s wrapped in silicone, so it doesn’t tangle easily. Skip or repeat a song using the controls near the microphone. The downside is there’s no volume control, which I’d personally prefer over song skipping. Two separate cables connect, and securely lock, into the bottom of each ear cushion. I’ve never had an issue with the cable pulling out. Moshi clearly marks which end plugs into the left and right headphone.

avanti cords
The inside of each ear pad is also marked with a left and right symbol. Photo: Moshi

The sound quality is incredible for a pair of headphones that looks so minimalist, which is why I really don’t mind the cable. What Avanti lacks in bass is made up in distinct, bright sounds. The instrument separation is incredible, particularly in the brass and strings line. You get a soft, bright punch instead of a hard, pulsing zing.

A hard shell case comes included. Photo: Autumn Kelly / iDigitalTimes

Avanti is also on point as far as portability. Books shuffling around in your backpack are no match for this stainless steel headband. Swivel both ear pads up toward the headband and slip the headphones into the included hard storage case for maximum protection. These are the most durable on-ear headphones I’ve ever owned. After a month of daily use, the leather cushions still look brand new.

$200 is a lot, but not in the realm of premium headphones. You’ll have to sacrifice blasting the bass line for style and comfort, but money spent on a pair of Moshi's Avanti will go a long way.

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