Moshi IonSlim 5K Is The Sleekest Portable Battery Ever

Moshi's IonSlim 5K is just as pretty as the iPhone 7. Autumn Kelly

Moshi has done it again with IonSlim 5K, the newest portable battery in their line. I’ve reviewed two pairs of their headphones, multiple phone cases, and the verdict is still along the same lines: this is the sleekest portable battery charger I’ve ever seen.

Moshi IonSlim 5K fits comfortably in the palm of my hand. Photo: Autumn Kelly

I whipped out the IonSlim 5K at TechCrunch Disrupt last week and the reporter sitting next to me each of the three days would always take a long glance at it (“oooh shiny”) and ask, “What is that?” I’d tell them it’s a battery charger, and their response would inevitably be something along the lines of, “Huh… nice.”

Moshi's IonSlim 5K is just as pretty as the iPhone 7. Photo: Autumn Kelly

The IonSlim gave me the same reaction when I first opened the box. It doesn’t look like a portable battery charger, which all usually look like some foreign object dropped from space. The shiny silver gives it more of an external hardrive look, but the giveaway that it’s something else is how slim it is. Compared to other 5K battery packs, and portable batteries in general, IonSlim easily fits in your pocket. Moshi claims it’s the thinnest 5K battery on the market, and it’s certainly an upgrade from their IonBank 5K. It’s more reliable than those tiny cylinder lipstick chargers, where you probably won’t have enough battery left to juice up a friend in need at a party. And it’s certainly more efficient than those credit card sized chargers that always seem like a good idea, but are generally pretty finicky to use. The IonSlim is the perfect compromise to a charger that blends in with a premium feel, but is actually a solid piece of tech.

If you have one of Moshi's cases, the IonSlim 5K has that same premium feel. Photo: Autumn Kelly

So, what about the tech? There’s access to a USB-C port and USB-A port. This means if you're using an Android device, you’ll need your own Micro USB cable. On the flipside, if you're an iOS user, you’ll need a lightning cord. If you have a newer Android device, you should be good to go with the provided USB-C. However, if you want to charge the battery pack and your device at the same time, you’ll need a second USB-C cord. So, whatever your device, you’re essentially going to need a the proper cord if you want to use the battery pack to the fullest.

The IonSlim 5K is not that much bigger than a business card. Photo: Autumn

As for the charging specifics, Moshi says it fully powers an iPhone 7 about two times. But the rules are different if you’re not just using it for battery life emergencies. I don’t wait until I’m at 10 percent to recharge my phone, so this battery pack has lasted me all week with just casual use. Every time I’d sit down, at TechCrunch for example, I’d plug in my phone to IonSlim. In fact, I’ve had this battery charger for over a week and today is the first time I’m charging it back to full (it just ran out completely when I got to the office). The battery itself takes 4 hours to charge (from 0-100%). Charge from a wall outlet via USB ( such as this one or the one that comes with your phone) if you want this process to go faster.

The IonSlim 5K is much smaller than the iPhone 7 Plus, probably about the same size as the iPhone 7 screen, but much lighter. Photo: Autumn Kelly

There is no version of Moshi’s IonSuit battery case for the iPhone 7 Plus, so if you are a fan of Moshi and their tech, IonSlim 5K is your option. That’s what attracted me to the IonSlim in the first place, and after second thought, I was glad IonSuit isn’t offered for the 7 Plus. The phone is big enough to begin with. And while the IonSuit is extremely attractive for a battery case (let’s be honest, most of them look like a transformer suit), I’m pretty in love with my iPhone cases.

All in all, if you want people to ask you about what's in your pocket, need a heavy duty portable charger, and want something that’s just as pretty as your smartphone, IonSlim 5K is the one.

IonSlim 5K Product Features

- Ultra-slim profile at only 8.5 mm.

- USB-C port and USB-A port for universal compatibility.

- Lithium-polymer cells: 5,150 mAh capacity, 15 W output (3 A/5 V).

- Premium anodized aluminum casing.

- Reversible USB-A to USB-C charging cable included.

Buy it here for $54.95.

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